My Silent’s are golden theme continues with another look upon another classic silent movie classic as I continue to explore the many facets of silent movies as this era has such vast richness and depth to its storytelling it told upon the screen. Today I review WHEN KNIGHTHOOD WAS IN FLOWER in which is a wonderful debut movie for this legend of the screen. . Its end of my themed month I hope you enjoyed theme.


This 1922 production (now restored) was at the time the most expensive picture ever made for its time.  It was also a major box-office hit. Marion Davies plays Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII and intended bride of old Louis of France whom is in love with the dashing Charles Brandon (Forrest Stanley) after Brandon is framed for murder, Mary agrees to bargain with Henry: he’ll spare Brandon’s life if she willingly marries old Louis. She counters that she will agree if she can choose her second husband Henry agrees to that request.

The breathtaking restoration on this film with the original tinting scheme and digital hand-coloring restored is one very wonderful thing to look upon the screen. Marion Davies does give a wonderful performance. I really love her comedies which stand among some of best of silent era as good example the patsy and Show People. She did a very good job in a dramatic role here. There are also glimpses of her comedic talent in several scenes such as when she’s buttering up her older brother to get something that she wants, and when she’s being obstinate and refuses to get out of bed to meet King Louis’ envoy.

What makes this movie is that Marion Davies is no heavyweight in the dramatic apartment and she’s the one always in focus in this movie. She is supported by her frequent co-star Forrest Stanley whom gives out an amazing performance upon the screen. William Powell who mostly played villainous characters during the silent period has a small role in which he does a good job in his performance upon the screen.  This movie is a wonderful classic that you will simply adore to watch anytime.

When Knighthood Was In Flower (1922) (Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack)(buy it here folks)

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