Halloween classics reviews:son of Frankenstein

Halloween classics reviews:son of Frankenstein


Today I talk about the son of Frankenstein. Universal studios struck gold not once but twice with the Frankenstein movie series but the third one would be a big sea change for them without James wale to helm it this time they would have find a new direction or way for the series. Horror had been out of fashion a couple of years by time son of released they had a couple of re-releases of old horror movies gave them chance to bring back the lab again. It would be unlike the past two movies as set decades later in a story that would be later copied upon and mocked with Young Frankenstein (1974) that gene wilder comedy classic everyone adores it mocked the first three movies in the series as I adore both movies so much. I will say I am a big fan of universal horror movies.


I will talk about life and death this month in horror classics month. You feel not nerve to go forward and read the horror classic reviews. I warned you about it.

In 1939 we had a year of the greatest movies of all time coming out that year as I would cite it’s among the best years for movies ever in history of cinema. I will begin my review of son Frankenstein now. I hope you enjoy my review.


Son of Frankenstein review

Baron Wolf von Frankenstein (Basil Rathbone) is determined to prove the legitimacy of his father’s scientific work, thus rescuing the family name from disgrace. With the help of Ygor (Bela Lugosi), a grave robber, Wolf successfully reanimates the monster (Boris Karloff) his father originally brought back from the dead. But when several villagers are killed mysteriously, Wolf must find the culprit in order to vindicate his creation, or face the possibility that he may be responsible.(plot off goggle)

son of frankenstein sof258

Son of Frankenstein has many changes from the past two movies in the series. if you can get over the changes between this movie and Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein you will adore this movie. 

Boris Karloff by this point has the Monster down pat as he gives us such a wonderful performance as the monster as he perfectly is balancing childlike innocence with the volcanic and violent temper that really channels everything you adore about him playing the role. Boris Karloff as the monster which is heartbreaking when he sees self in mirror again as he is ugly compared to his young creator. Boris Karloff gives out a marvelous performance in his role.

Bela Lugosi plays the foul Ygor whom is the villain of this movie brought to life magnificently by the great Bela Lugosi whom gives out such a marvelous performance as layered in hair and makeup that is , he’s twitching, slippery wretch of a man who uses the Monster to murder people on the jury for his own personal means and goals to get out of justice but Lugosi plays it in such a way that you feel he has a genuine affection for the creature yet he doesn’t at all. It’s simply amazing to watch this man play the role as he gets such wonderful  dialogue too and relishes every word, drawing out a magnificently repugnant character from what is not a huge amount of screen time.

Basil Rathbone gives out a marvelous performance as the son of Frankenstein’s wolf whom is out to reclaim his father’s honor and name. Wolf slowly turns to a haunted man who is over his head with the monster and ygor as they are out of control. Basil Bathbone is perfectly cast as wolf. Basil Rathbone gives out a marvelous performance in the role.

Lionel Atwill’s policeman doesn’t face a huge amount to do on-screen but gives out such a good performance upon the screen.  Lionel Atwill’s policeman wears a false arm thing which is a marvelous idea that is a reminder of the destructive power of the Monster. He offers a nice counterbalance with the equally bit differently disabled Ygor whom is consumed by bitterness. Lionel Atwill  is particularly great here as the traumatized child who’s all grown up to face against the monster as it shows in his performance how his trauma still effects him as an adult. Lionel Atwill is always such wonderful character actor that always gives out such good performances upon the screen. He gives out such a marvelous performance.

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Son of Frankenstein takes the series in a more traditional direction of horror that was already cliché by 1939 that is such a fun horror classic to watch anytime when it is upon your screen.

The Ruth rating:

Thanks for joining me for my frist review of Halloween classics for this month as i will do a new review soon as next week sometime so lets begin the month of horror now.

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