why you should be reading giant days

why you should be reading giant days

I can’t believe I didn’t tell you about Giant Days!” Giant Days is a slice-of-college-life comic by John Allison and Lissa Treiman, published by Boom!Box, with forty five issues plus special issues. It’s been around about four years now. It’s such a joy as I found such joy discovering this series recently.

It stars three first-year students at a British university—goth-y, drama-prone Esther de Groot; naive, homeschooled Daisy Wooton; practical, slightly hardboiled Susan Ptolemy who become friends as they navigate the challenges of university life as you see these people deal with a slice of life. The series highlight to me is its charming characters that are all likable.  Like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld or Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott PilgrimGiant Days is notable for its strong, distinctive voice with charm that makes you almost fall in love this book form its nods to movies etc. it’s always fun to find something for anyone in this comic-book series. There’s an edge of absurdity to the world and characters—but it doesn’t compromise the book’s emotional stakes, which takes a delicate balancing act.

Misadventures in formalwear from Giant Days #5

The credit is due to John Allison, whose nearly two decades as a writer/artist in web comics have earned him a loyal following and a masterful storytelling hand that crafts such wonderful comics. Giant Days continues from three issues he published a few years ago as web comics which he loosely connects this series to those early comics. Which can be accessed at Bad Machineryor consumed in print collections via Oni and Topatoco.John Allison’s dialogue and character sense are instantly recognizable but difficult to describe, other than “very funny,” “always a bit weird,” and “incredibly habit-forming that truly makes them come feel like real people with quirks and charms his creations in his work. Giant Days has the very unusual distinction of being a modern comic that tells a complete story in every issue that does have such a fun cycle to them that each issue you can pick up and read easy without being lost as you will just get another day of these characters.

Celebrating Daisy's birthday (and a discussion of the language of boots) from Giant Days #4

The other star of this comic is the art of Lissa Treiman whom draws the frist six issues of the series as this artist brings such a charming look to them. A Disney animator making her foray into comics work, Treiman was drawn to the project because she’s also a longtime John Allison reader that adored his charming work that left series after issue six but left us sadly but we lost such a voice that is still missed by fans of the series.  Max Sarin is such a wonderful artist that is such good fit for the series as i adore each issue that comes out as it’s like welcoming home an old friend. Colorist Whitney Cogar is such a gift to the book as look makes the book feel alive.

Giant Days is something special. Even in an incredibly rich and varied comic’s landscape, it stands out, as readers craving something outside the superhero scene discover this breath of fresh air that is such a charming little read. I am happy to read each issue as they come out. You should be reading Giant Days.

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