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Hello my name is joey halphen.I have been a lover of movies snice childhood.Its wizard of oz that inspired me to write. I write time to time many things. I am critic and reviewer of all things movies. I review often movie reviews.I film reviewer for my blog currently. i love classic movies which i review on my blog. Hello my name is joey halphen.I am a lover of comics for ages. I have been a lover of comics snice childhood.Its batman that inspired my love of them. I write time to time many things. I am critic and reviewer of all things movies. I review often movie reviews.I film reviewer for my blog currently. i love classic movies which i review on my blog. I am normally home or at movies or enjoying self with movie at home which depends on what i decide to do at the moment. I am very fondly at home often.I write often form time to time. You want contact me look in my about me for my info.

The Legacy of Stan Lee

The Legacy of Stan Lee

“You know, my motto is ‘Excelsior.’ That’s an old word that means ‘upward and onward to greater glory.’ It’s on the seal of the state of New York. Keep moving forward, and if it’s time to go, it’s time. Nothing lasts forever.” – Stan Lee

Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a comic book fan or even a fan of superhero movies that have taken over the world over the last decade this man is truly a legend to everyone.  The legacy of real life legend Stan Lee should mean something to you.

I fondly recall as a boy when I first read a marvel comic book. I had few books but I was watching spider-man cartoon on TV. I think what made me love it more that Stan lee had always been able connect to me with his great comics. My earliest memory was reading spider-man it was not written by Stan lee but it was spider-man comics non-the less.

It was amazing spider-man 398 which written by J.M. DeMatteis which was a fun tale about peter parker fighting doc-ock. It was such a fun tale yet i was hooked by this character. I adore spider-man to this date. It traces back to stan lee run which i read endless times now. I adore his run so much more than many runs I read over the years.

Stan Lee 8

All those memories, all those comics, all those movies, all those days spent playing with toys or imagining ourselves as superheroes, I owe to Stan Lee.  Even if I didn’t read his comics first i wouldn’t be person I am today.  i think Stan-lee partly helped make me the guy i am today.  I began with J. Michael Straczynski’s The Amazing Spider-Man run after a decade, I’m finally reading Marvel’s iconic “Civil War” event.  It’s been a slow but steady march through the saga over the past few months and this was the issue I was on.  It felt right to start here too, as it was Spider-Man i adored this run so much as its truly a spider-man run i read endless times.

Stan Lee 4

I recall Reading Fantastic Four #1 was everything I wanted it to be, feeling simultaneously dated and timeless many times over the years. I read it again after Stan-lee died I was so in love this comic again. It was the wonderful work of stan lee and jack Kirby also want to say thank you to jack the king Kirby too for his wonderful work.Its truly because Stan-lee this kid form NYC that created the marvel unverse in way returned home. Jack kirby was all kinds of amazing too.

Stan Lee 6

Opening this comic book floods me with memories as i see peter struggles with life it makes me feel so much more human and alive as i see this guy that struggles like i would struggle to live daily each day. Peter Parker is the greatest creation Stan-lee did in my eyes. In Web Of Spider-Man#12 Peter Parker was swinging around his neighborhood, trying to keep his life together, while looking for purse-snatchers, laundromat robbers, and dealing with a would-be gang and a local hitman.  And through it all, personal drama and Spider-Man trouble that is what makes spider-man great and charming. I think we would not have characters like kamala khan today without spider-man.

Image result for kamala khan ms marvel

I recall when i brought my first ms marvel comic when it came out i was reading this Muslim girl that was the modern-day ideals of what peter-Parker would be today. Khan was created by Ms. Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson, artist Adrian Alphona, and editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker in 2014, and she immediately made headlines for being the first mainstream Muslim superhero to get her own comic. In the years since her debut, Khan has developed into a well-rounded character that i feel is such a charming read each issue is such fun to read from start to finish.

This scene shows you why power of Stan-lee and jack Kirby’s ideas to humanize these ideas. they show you emotion u feel about them. goodbye Stan-lee. we will miss you. we will miss you Stan-lee. Go to the stars with your creations.

“Everywhere it’s the same!  I live in a world too small for me!”  These words felt very poignant yesterday.  The world was too small for Stan Lee’s imagination…so through his characters, creatures, and creations, he made it bigger.  And we are all so blessed for where he’s taken us in our world. Thank stan-lee. This blog artcle is written in honor of stan-lee. I thank him personally for everything.


 7 FACES OF DR. LAO (1964) review

In the late 19th century, a mysterious Chinese man and circus owner, Dr. Lao (Tony Randall, Pillow Talk), arrives in a small Arizona town and proceeds to teach townies a few important life lessons.

7 Faces of Dr. Lao is a marvelous tale of magical realism. It is an amazing tale of classic story-telling that is a wondrous pastiche of western motifs, comedy, and fantasy movie with simply a wonderful outlook on what makes you feel human. The film also works as a fairy tale for adults and children alike that can teach you many wonderful lessons on life.

7 Faces of Dr. Lao is a marvelous performance for  Tony Randall who plays eight roles seven plus a cameo by him. He is just marvelous. Randall’s Lao is a particularly cunning characterization that is simply one amazing role that you will adore to watch him play form start to finish. Randall’s great performance couldn’t have been accomplished without the then state-of-the-art make-up effects created by William Tuttle that creates some of the best make-up effects in any movie. He received an honorary Oscar for his groundbreaking work (the first Oscar ever to a make-up artist). The special effects, which consist mostly of stop-motion model animation that is simply marvelous stop-motion animation that may be some of best ever done for flim which may remind you of the work of Ray Harryhausen (20 Million Miles to EarthThe 7th Voyage of Sinbad, etc) which is tons of fun to watch on-screen anytime.

Randall’s performance and Tuttle’s make-up work is reason enough to watch this classic gem of a movie that is a fairy tale.  The rest of cast is pretty great too. Barbara Eden (TV’s I Dream of Jeannie) plays Angela Benedict, the Widowed Librarian, and John Ericson (Bad Day at Black Rock) is Ed Cunningham, the Crusading Publisher. Arthur O’Connell (Pocketful of Miracles), Noah Beery Jr. (TV’s The Rockford Files), John Qualen (A Patch of Blue), and Lee Patrick (Now, Voyager) also appear in key supporting roles as all of their performances are simply marvelous performances for each of them.

I have seen this weird western fantasy many times and I have always enjoyed it. It won a special Oscar for makeup, but it could have also been honored for its production design and costumes. It has the feeling of a children’s film, yet there’s a lot of stuff that’s not really intended for kids as simply this movie is for anyone young at heart. 7 faces of dr lao is simply a marvelous movie with marvelous effects and a wonderful cast that you should simply see anytime as this marvelous movie form start to finish. The film doesn’t necessarily push the envelope of fantasy, but its satirical tone and irreverent attitude have an ageless quality. All in all, it’s a helluva fun ride form that you wont reget watching at all.

showcase comics weekly

showcase comics weekly

so it is my frist time i talk about comics weekly in my frist showcase comics weekly. I talk about each week starting this week about the best of comics this week based upon my favorite books i read this week. These books are simply the best comics of this week of comic book reading.  I hope you enjoy my frist weekly showcase of comics for this week.

Detective Comics #994 review

We are closing in on yet another milestone issue after a year of milestone issues be it Action ComicsThor, or DaredevilDetective Comics is at issue #994 this week and will soon reach 1000 issues, being the second book to reach such a high number. With a milestone coming it’s probably why writer Peter J. Tomasi is delivering a story that brings Batman back to his roots.

Tomasi is finally here!  I wish that DC would have given us an add like they did with Bendis since the reason Tomasi is writing Detective Comics is that Bendis snatched his Superman book from him. Tomasi continues by giving such wonderful batman comic writing with Detective Comics 994.  It has everything from detective work, kickass action, character moments and a cool new villain with the fact that it ties into the Wayne’s deaths and also the crazy twist at the end made things even cooler. if you love batman you will simply adore this book.

The Verdict: 10/10:its a wonderful read 

 The Batman Who Laughs 01 review

Scott Snyder is bringing the Batman Who Laughs to the main DC Universe as , Bruce Wayne must come face to face with the nightmares spawned from the Dark Multiverse. Scott Snyder crafts out what may be one of the best works of comics he did on batman since he did the black mirror arc of batman. Scott Snyder Snyder gives such wonderful batman comic writing with wonderful action and character moments and a cool villain that returns to the universe as the batman crafts such a dark and twisted gem of a tale that any batman fan will adore to read from start to finish of this comic.

The Verdict: 10/10:its a wonderful read 

Batman Annual #3 Review

When you think about it Alfred doesn’t get enough credit. He’s basically necessary for Batman to exist at all or else he’d never eat, sleep, or get his gear in order. Alfred is the oil that keeps the engine greased and running and in Batman Annual #3 his struggle gets the focus thanks to writer Tom Taylor and artist Otto Schmidt give us such a story this week.

This issue begins and ends with Alfred’s perspective, which is written beautifully by Tom Taylor.

The issue starts with Alfred getting the dreaded call that Thomas and Martha have been shot.  I usually roll my eyes the more and more we get this scene, but seeing it through Alfred’s eyes makes it way more fresh the cores of batman’s parents death.

Taylor does an exceptional job of capturing the love and care Alfred has for Bruce Wayne. He was a man of hopes and desires, but after that traumatic day his life, and Bruce’s, were changed forever. This story depicts Alfred in a way that is caring beyond belief as we see how Alfred is such a caring guy for Bruce Wayne.  Taylor has crafted an interesting story focusing Batman’s attention on a new villain which is quite clever. . It’s an exciting adventure that comes with its own resolution and a solid foundation for Alfred to swoop in and be a hero himself.I’ve marveld at Schmidt’s art over the years on Green Arrow and he continues to do a great job in this annual issue that is simply marvelous. A fantastic issue that may win an Eisner when all things are said and done. It’s meaningful, heartfelt, and exciting. It’s a near perfect one-shot Batman adventure that you should read.

The Verdict: 10/10:its a wonderful read 


Love is in the air between our rocky love-bug, Thing, and his sweetheart, Alicia Reiss Masters. Marvel Comics is celebrating with a pre-wedding celebration in the form of this issue.

All three stories do well to capture different aspects of getting married and the stresses that come with it with three different writers capturing the stresses of marriage. The bachelorette opening written by Gail Simone with art by Laura Braga does a great job showcasing the weird nature of the pre-wedding party that simply is such a fun read. The second story is written by Dan Slott giving such a marvelous story of the thing asking for permission to wed Alicia and it’s a curious scene, not unlike an interrogation scene. Dan Slott does a good job with this story. The last story is by Fred Hembeck with colors by Megan Wilson, focusing on the lament of the person Thing asked permission from. This is quite a fun comic strip style story. This comic is such a marvelous joy of a comic that captures the magic of the best of FANTASTIC FOUR.

The Verdict: 10/10:its a wonderful read 

Bitter Root #2 reviewBitter Root #2

David F. Walker and Chuck Brown have some simply killer e killer dialogue and scripting in Bitter Root #2. It is exciting, poignant, and funny all at the same time. This issue was just a delight to read from beginning to end. Its simply a marvelous comic to read form start to finish. Bitter Root #2 delivers an exciting read and makes this series a must-read for anyone.

Bitter Root #2

The Verdict: 10/10:its a wonderful read 


A trip to the world of Black Hammer is always time well spent, doubly so when artist Emi Lenox is on board.  Black Hammer: Cthu-Louise #1 is a one-shot story about a cursed young girl struggling to find acceptance. It’s like Carrie with tentacles, a sad tale that you just know won’t end well. Louise is a deeply tragic character and her journey is expertly brought to life by Jeff Lemire in such a simply marvelous writing in this comic.. This is haunting stuff that adds another layer of awesomeness to the Black Hammer universe as simply a marvelous comic to read form start to finish.

The Verdict: 10/10:its a wonderful read 


Rejoice, for it’s the best time of year! It’s that special season when families come together, snuggle by the fire, and read the Hellboy Winter Special. This annual anthology always sports a lineup of awesome creators and this year is no different. Mike Mignola, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Tonci Zonjic, Ben Stenbeck, and Dave freaking Stewart all grace these pages with magic and monsters. Whether you are a longtime Hellboy fan or a first-time visitor to the Mignolaverse, you’ll have a blast reading this comic. It has all the action, humor with everything that is simply marvelous to read.

The Verdict: 10/10:its a wonderful read 

Hawkman #7 review

Image result for Hawkman (2018-) #7

It’s an approach very reminiscent of Grant Morrison’s Batman and much like that run, it’s a rich buffet of tonalities, genres and varying stories, all unified under a central theme that pervades all. It’s an ambitious epic spanning all of time and space in the DC Universe.

Hawkman #7 builds on the foundations laid thus far in the title while unveiling an all new origin for the character. Venditti’s always excelled at characters who have pasts that contrast immensely with who they are, from Aric in X-O Manowar to The Eternal Warrior and Hawkman proves to be a perfect fit for him. Though Hitch is very much the star of this title, doing arguably career best work at incredibly unbelievable speeds, he’s creating a definitive take on the character that takes trough many worlds of the DC Universe. The creative team showcases such range and so many threads of possibility in Hawkman that it’s truly exciting to even wonder about the wondrous legacy the team will leave on the franchise. It’s an incredibly exciting time for hawkman as this could be the defined series that everyone looks upon for ages to come. Hawkman continues to surprise and delight, as ever. It is a title where anything is possible and it defies classification, much like its titular character that you simply should read today.

The Verdict: 10/10:its a wonderful read 

SDCC ’18: Hellboy’s 25th Anniversary Celebrated With Three New Titles

Welcome everyone that adores comics should It’s new comic book day! But before you head to the local comic shop, arm yourself with a few recommendations based upon what is simply the best comics of this week of comics to read.

12 Days of X-mas:a silent night

12 Days of X-mas:the frist x-men Christmas(https://www.facebook.com/Wolffianclassicmoviesdigest/

Christmastime breeds nostalgia. The holiday atmosphere, full of traditions, encourages everyone to think back to Christmases past, back when things were the same but also a little different. Over the years,for whatever reason batman has always been able to translate well to Christmas stories.

Paul Dini’s “Slayride review

In the long history of Batman and Batman-related titles, there are many holiday stories. Some are particularly broad, atypical portrayals of characters as writers struggle to fit them into a story with an easy-to-swallow holiday morality: villains letting heroes go “in the spirit of the season” and so on. Though interesting diversions, these stories seldom hold any weight in terms of the continuity of the universe and even less in terms of the development of character. But Paul Dini’s “Slayride”, the story told within the pages of Detective Comics #826, breaks this mold, with intriguing results.

If you’re thinking that this doesn’t sound like a particularly Christmas-related story, you’re absolutely right. In a way. True, the action of the story has little (if anything at all) to do with Christmas. In fact, as far as Batman stories are concerned, it’s pretty standard fare: Joker kidnaps Robin, kills innocent civilians, Robin escapes and foils the Joker’s scheme. What is so powerful about Dini’s story, however, is how deftly he uses the setting to elevate the stakes which makes joker feel even more deadly. . After Robin discovers a dead couple in the backseat of Joker’s car (presumably the car’s previous owners), he very intelligently deduces that, due to the larger number of presents with the bodies, they must have a child – at which point he discovers a toy car in the seat and tries to cut his bonds. It took a second for this to sink in for me, but I very quickly realized that what Dini was doing was very subtly reminding the reader that somewhere in Gotham a child has lost his parents at Christmas time. And each subsequent murder echoes this idea. An old man is run over; a family loses their patriarch. The manager at a fast food joint is shot point-blank; his family and colleagues spend Christmas dwelling on his death. Just as Dini’s story treats the Christmas setting as more of a subtle detail, the art does the same. Simple details like the string of Christmas lights that bind Robin to his seat, or the Christmas ornament in his mouth are subversions of the holiday. Both are traditionally beautiful visual reminders of the season, but in this context they are fraught with danger; will the lights electrocute Robin? Will he be forced to bite through the glass ornament to free himself? Faucher’s inks and Kalisz’ colours add the perfect mix of holiday merriment and the cold and dark of a winter night. Together with the writing, what is left is a story that finds threat in every detail.

slayride” is a successful holiday issue because it reminds us of the principles for which the season is meant to stand – family, joy, and good will – even though it accomplishes this by showing a character who actively disrupts those principles. this is a wonderful issue to read from start to finish.


batman-noel-cover (1)

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is perhaps one of the best known classic Christmas stories of all time. It is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly miser who is completely devoid of holiday spirit, focussing instead making and hoarding his own money. On Christmas Eve, the ghost of his former partner arrives to tell him he must change his ways and that three ghosts will visit him to help show him why and how that is to happen. These ghosts (Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future) give Scrooge a new perspective on his life, his regrets, and his fears, and as the sun rises on Christmas morning he springs out of bed a new man, righting wrongs with family, strangers, and most importantly his employee Bob Cratchit and his family.

Jason Todd appears to Batman - Batman: Noël, DC Comics

Batman: Noël by Lee Bermejo (one of the men behind the critically acclaimed Joker). Bermejo’s adaptation does not directly place characters from the DC Universe into the roles of A Christmas Carol, though it comes very close. Instead, the narrator is telling his own colloquial version of the Christmas classic tale.

noel interior

In Batman: Noël, author/artist Lee Bermejo has taken the basic structure of A Christmas Carol and mixed in Gotham City. We get a Scrooge (Batman), a Bob (Bob) and the Ghosts of Christmas Past (Catwoman), Present (Superman) and Future (Joker). In this case, Batman is once again after the Joker and follows a henchman-for-hire who he is hoping will lead him to the clown. Meanwhile, we learn this henchman Bob (fitting) is down on his luck and just needed some quick cash to give his son a somewhat good Christmas. He’s not a bad guy, just a desperate one. This is known all-too-well by the Dark Knight, as he stubbornly shows and tells others throughout the story that makes it such a joy to read form start to finish. A brilliant take on Dickens’ classic Christmas tale, Batman: Noel is simply a perfectly crafted holiday story with a Dark Knight twist that makes it all work. Lee Bermejo proves that he’s not only a talented artist but he can also spin a good yarn. Whether you’re a true Batman fan or are interested in a different kind of holiday story that you should read today.

Batman 9 review

A Christmas Carol, Batman and Robin try to reunite orphan Timmy Cratchit with his father, Bob, a wrongly imprisoned man. This story has everything: multiple fights, Batman throwing a pillow to block a punch, a death trap, Batman dressing up as a ghost, the meaning of Christmas, and Batman threatening to beat up a street Santa. The comic ends with Batman telling Robin that “Santa is real and always will be if we believe in the spirit he stands for – Good cheer, unselfishness, and love of the fellow man! That’s the real Santa Claus!” This story is simply such fun story to read.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast(https://www.facebook.com/Wolffianclassicmoviesdigest/

Out of the extravagant variety of Jean Cocteau’s work the paintings and drawings, the poems, the plays and novels and memoirs, the opera librettos and ballet scenarios—it is likely his films that will have the most enduring influence, and among those, Beauty and the Beast (1946) will have the most pervasive effect. Few films brim with the kind of cinematic magic as Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête. For its entire 93 minutes, Cocteau implores us to view the proceedings with childlike wonder and suspension of disbelief. His call to order in the prologue asks us to indeed suspend our disbelief form the start of the movie.

a debt-ridden man (Marcel Andre) accidentally stumbles into the lair of the Beast (Jean Marais), a fearsome-looking and seemingly ill-tempered nobleman. The man then steals a rose from the Beast’s garden as a gift for his beloved daughter Belle (Josette Day). At first, the incensed Beast threatens to kill him for those actions. But he relents, saying that he will spare the man if one of his children will take his place as none them but belle stays with him.

The film’s costumes and set designs were inspired by the illustrations and engravings of Gustave Doré (shown above), and the farmhouse scenes are an obvious nod to the paintings of Jan Vermeer. This sumptuous artwork is the perfect muse for Cocteau’s re-imagined fairy tale.

Image result for Beauty and the Beast 1946

Cocteau and his cinematographer Henri Alekan (who later shot Wings of Desire and Roman Holiday) use reverse and slow-motion shots, mirrors, and other camera tricks to striking effects to capture many of the scenes of the movie. Cocteau’s decision to keep the camera as still as possible was against the prevailing fashion of the time, and according to Cocteau’s diary, the source of some friction with Alekan. Cocteau had this to say in the press booklet that accompanied the film when it was released in America.

French actress Josette Day is perfectly cast as one of literature’s great heroines that really feels like the book’s belle come to life on screen. Belle’s character, played with sweetness and light by Josette Day, is aided immeasurably by the costumes of Christian Bérard. The costumes are somehow of their time and outside of it, both practical and fantastical that makes belle come to life upon the screen.

Like many films made during the early days of cinema, there is a charming quality considering the innovative efforts used to bring this fantasy tale to life upon the screen. . Actress Josette Day stars as Belle, and beloved French actor Jean Marais portrays the Beast. Marias spent five hours in make-up every morning to transform into the tragic character, and special fangs were made and adhered to his teeth transformed him into the Beast each day on set. 

Jean Marais who plays three characters  the foolishly obnoxious rapscallion Avenant whom Beauty loves, the self-pitying but elegant-looking Beast as the three characters he plays are all wonderfully acted by him. Cocteau’s conception of the Beast is a little more canine in appearance and behavior than subsequent versions like the animated film as he simply is quite more like the original version in the book. He is simply a book to screen perfect version of the beast.


Bête slightly differs in comparison to Disney’s adaptations. Most notable is the inclusion of Belle’s sisters and brother, which closely resembles de Villeneuve’s original tale in contrast to Disney’s version which does not feel closer to the book. The metaphoric story is full of visually magical moments, which was new territory in film at the time of its release. Overall it was the cast and crew’s labor of love to create something unique that brought this tale to life. Cocteau’s focus on creating a visual poem gave the film a classical presentation. This is where the advance storytelling of early French cinema is best represented. There is a more romanticized element to Bête compared to its later adapted counterparts that told the tale. Beauty and the Beast (1946) will have the most pervasive effect. Few films brim with the kind of cinematic magic as Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête shows upon the screen.

Image result for beauty and the beast 1946

The ending was more ambiguous than I had remembered.The Beast’s curse is lifted yes, and he turns into a beautiful Prince.  Belle hesitates to go away with him – she was looking for an escape but might be going in circles. But, with no other options, she flies into his arms and up into the sky to live as husband and wife, future king and queen  but perhaps not happily ever after as we would love to think about in the Disney classic film. Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast is more than just a fairy tale but a beautiful enchanting story on how beauty can be in the eye of the beholder. He wanted to make a poem, wanted to express what he felt through images rather than words, and even though the story takes the form of the familiar fable to translate to screen a magical tale that has such wonderful charm and magic to watch upon the screen any time.

Why We Love Comics

Why We Love Comics(

It’s a medium where shiny new costumes matter just as much as intricately woven panel structures. A way of telling stories which can be allegorical retelling of real history, or just an excuse to present the reader with as many cool ideas as possible, as quickly as possible. An imaginative space that encompasses thoughtful statements on how art enriches our lives, and also that one really heavy key to the Fortress of Solitude that Superman just leaves outside his front door because no one else on Earth is strong enough to pick it up. Comics can take us on new adventures and interesting ideas. They have something for anyone as you can find an amazing comic you will adore and love if you love reading books you will be shocked by the medium that many dismiss as second rate to tell the same amazing stories. Its just boldly inventive in ways they tell a story of adventure.

This week I would say they had one amazing idea shows the power of this mediums story-telling power to take us to new ideas. Die #1 introduces six teens, Ash, Angela, Chuck, Matthew, Isabelle, and Solomon, who gathers to play a role-playing game run by Solomon on Sol and Ash’s shared sixteenth birthday. This introductory issue of Die is a fascinating meditation on grief, loss, and trauma. It cleverly sidelines the specifics of the adventure the kids had, because they literally can’t speak about them, to focus in on the way they’ve rebuilt their lives and cope, or fail to cope, with their trauma. By keeping us from seeing, or even reading, about whatever exciting or daring events may have happened to them in the fantasy world, we’re forced to grapple with their psychological torment without the mitigation of visceral pleasure that really is something an interesting read.

Paper Girls focuses on the adventures of a group of friends who deliver papers in the suburban town of Stony Stream in 1988. This bold comic series shows the power of comics to tell a wonderful adventure.

In another volume collecting a more recent story-line, the girls travel back to prehistoric times, where they befriend a young mother who had her son kidnapped by the men who raped her. This story may weighty, but Vaughan’s excellent writing stops things from ever feeling too heavy. The mix of humor and human-condition commentary that tells us about As children, we can know intellectually what adult responsibilities are and that grown-up heartbreaks exist that is the simple truth of the human condition.

Blackbird is a tale of magic, mystery and self-destruction set in a Los Angeles that’s no different to our own world in any way. Sam Humphries has done a great job in building a flawed main character that has grown on me. Her resolve to save her sister drives both her and the story. Blackbird is a really compelling concept that makes adore the power of comics like this one to tell a compelling story that will spark you interest.

Season of Mists is near perfect and one of my favorite volumes in the series. The story arc has a solid beginning and a satisfying conclusion as a story on its own. And the first issue would make for a great read to introduce anybody to the world of THE SANDMAN as truly this amazing fantasy series that tells a compelling story that will spark you interest. It depicts well the world of the Dreaming, capturing the fleeting nature of an insubstantial, magical world that follows no rules and is limited only by the imagination that is such an interesting series with many looks upon the power of literature and myths and other mediums to explore what makes us human.   The sandman is the modern version of fairy-tales that can be both light and dark to explore the darker traits of humanity.

I love the structures, the melding of words and images, the non-stop flow of ideas and all the other typical stuff that typical people typically love about comics that is about telling us wonderful new adventures and stories. Comics have never failed to inspire me, and that’s what I continue to love about them today. The art, the words, the colors, the craftsmanship, all of it striking different parts of me that no other creative endeavor possibly could as they are such rich layers of story-telling that you can see a hero like spider-man overcome the hardships of his life you feel for him and cry with him. You begin to feel these people are friends to you. The power of comics and the love it inspires is to tell us stories that no other medium that can tell use these stories about heroes and villains and other wonderful ideas that take us to new worlds.

I love comics simply because they’re unique. There isn’t another medium that can do what comics can do. Films are always the first thing to be compared with them, and while they are alike in some ways they contrast in many ways, I do love film, the two mediums still stand alone as comics you simply flip the pages and find new adventures in the pages of a comic book. . It’s not just kids’ books, it’s not just a space for sci-fi fans, and it’s literature that anyone can adore anytime. There was real, genuinely form-changing stories being told in this space that is something that always can connect to any reader because it’s a huge entire world filled with every type of idea and thought and feeling and emotion and idea out there: it’s an entire magical world and it’s, just, wonderful to read them I hope you will find a magical new world in comics.

DOCTOR WHO: Happy 55th Anniversary

Doctor who turned 55 years old a few days back on November 23,55 years ago Sidney Newman created an amazing idea of a hero. It’s hard to talk about the importance of an imaginary hero. But heroes ARE important: Heroes tell us something about ourselves. History tells us who we used to be, documentaries tell us who we are now; but heroes tell us who we WANT to be. And a lot of our heroes depress me.
But when they made this particular hero, he did not give him anything beside a simple idea of being a traveler that is just kind, the doctor doesn’t need guns or anything just a sonic and a friend to go along with the doctor. This particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun–they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter–they gave him a box from which you can call for help. And they didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat-ray–they gave him an extra HEART. They gave him two hearts! And that’s an extraordinary thing.
There will never come a time when we don’t need a hero like the Doctor as few heroes are like the doctor i felt to talk the doctor as something so special to me today as I am a huge fan of doctor who so today I honor 55 years of doctor who by talking about what makes this show so magical. our destiny is in the stars so let’s go and search for it

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Doctor who became so beloved is because the doctor is such a wonderful novel idea for a hero. Sidney Newman created an amazing idea of a hero. It’s hard to talk about the importance of an imaginary hero. But heroes ARE important: Heroes tell us something about ourselves. History tells us who we used to be, documentaries tell us who we are now; but heroes tell us who we WANT to be. And a lot of our heroes depress me yet the doctor does not because the doctor is a hero that was given noting more than just a sonic screwdriver and two hearts that just saves the day by being just kind and helpful to everyone.

I recall when first saw doctor who when I was younger I saw on Sci-Fi Channel an episode of doctor who called father’s day. It always holds special place in my heart because the story shows the companion Rose Tyler going back in time to meet her father Peter Tyler it’s a very fun story that made me a lifelong fan of doctor who.

Jon Pertwee! the action heroic doctor

By the time 1969 rolled around, Patrick Troughton had already proven that it was possible for Doctor Who to replace its leading man and emerge not just unscathed but revitalized as the show was going through new changes that he faced as his doctor as Doctor Who faced a major change to its format and the doctor was exiled to earth it made his doctor more having depend on his heroism to save the day. He is one of my favorite doctors as he heroic nature and ways make him truly a special doctor as the doctor became a heroic figure with the third doctor. where is heroes like the doctor to save the day?

Jon Pertwee’s background was in comedy. Featuring in various films, he was most well known for starring P 18 years (1959–1977) playing Chief Petty Officer in the show The Navy Lark. Doctor Who was his big chance to break away from the perception the public had of him. As a result, the Third Doctor’s character was different then on ways he acted on the screen as a more a generally serious man, heavy on the charm which is what makes him so special.

The Doctor is an alien stranded on Earth, and sometimes he feels more at home with other alien races. Certainly, he strongly empathizes with their plight in some cases. Season 7 is largely unique in terms of approach and style to the rest of Doctor Who it’s a more grounded scfi show. Its nature is how the show often works best at times to ground down the scfi to reality to make monsters feel connected to our reality

In a period of such uncertainty, the commanding presence of Pertwee’s third Doctor – an ‘authority figure’ who allied himself with the military organization UNIT – was precisely what the series needed. I would say his doctor was a charming doctor that could save the day.

Of all the Doctors, the Third Doctor was the king of combat. He usually relied on his famous mastery of Venusian Aikido, but was not above bare-knuckle fisticuffs when provoked. Armed guards? Ogrons? Sub-human mutations? He had them all for breakfast. He even took on a Sontaran once, though in that contest he came off second best. His greatest fight was undoubtedly his fencing match with the Master that i feel is such a wonderful thing to watch unfold on the screen.

The best Master, Roger Delgado. The Master was conceived of as the Doctor as the doctor’s Moriarty and Delgado played him as a charming, suave Bond villain that was so charming and evil that made him one of best masters to my eyes ever. He is the master. It’s the doctor’s greatest foe to everyone eyes as master is something so truly good to see as the master is Moriarty to the noble doctor brings out the nature of the doctor’s worst or best as we see the doctor’s nature come to life with the master. It was Roger Delgado I feel gave the best role of the master ever to my eyes.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart played  played by Nicholas Courtney was another amazing person with the third doctor as he truly was one of a kind. He always remains the doctor’s friend to the end. He was a wonderful actor that made the role forever beloved by fans.

Jon Pertwee was brilliant in all sorts of ways. During World War II, Pertwee was an officer attached to the Naval Intelligence Division in which he worked alongside Ian Fleming. Yes, that Ian Fleming. In this position, he reported to, met and talked with Winston Churchill. Part of his role was to teach Commandos how to use gadgets like tobacco pipes that fired bullets. Now the origins of Pertwee as the heroic figure take root form that moment. Its when he died we see the doctor’s heroic nature face his fears. Jon Pertwee truly is one of a kind in terms of doctors.

Sarah Jane Smith,the greatest companion of doctor who.

The role of the companion is a well-loved tradition in the long-running BBC One science-fiction series, now a worldwide hit, and an integral part of the show’s success. I would say i picked her as the prime example of what an amazing companion because she is the simply best example of the best one to play the role. Sarah Jane’s story started long before I was born as she was coming at end of Jon Pertwee’s time in Doctor Who was coming to a close. For the majority of his run he had he had been accompanied by Katy Manning as Jo Grant. Elisabeth Sladen played simply the best companion ever to my eyes.

From the outset, Smith was wildly different to her predecessor. In her first story, The Time Warrior, not only does Sarah at one point set about kidnapping the Doctor, but she also attempts to bring the Women’s Liberation movement to the Dark Ages. And she absolutely will not make the Doctor a cup of coffee, no matter how patronizingly he asks. For want of a better word, Sarah Jane Smith was a companion with balls.

It was when paired up with Tom Baker’s Doctor, though that Sarah Jane came to life fully as Elisabeth Sladen and tom baker really play off each other so well with such charm. Sarah was able to start having fun. With a more carefree Doctor and the strait-laced Harry Sullivan in the TARDIS it made her charm even lovelier as by time she left it broke the hearts of fans as she was so loved by everyone. The brilliant Elisabeth Sladen was truly outstanding with her acting in the role.


The story of Sarah Jane Smith as we’ve been told will never end. She lives on in the current crop of Doctor Who companions, having been the one who definitively proved that who companions didn’t have to be subservient screamers as she simply defined what it meant to be the doctor’s best friend.

Elisabeth Sladen as sarah jane always remains one of the finest compaions of doctor who.She was the doctor’s best friend as she always gave out her best roles in doctor who stories upon the screen. It will always be the doctor and Sarah Jane. We will never forget her as its always the doctor and Sarah Jane.

William Hartnell  was a wonderful actor that made the doctor by bringing to life this magical role with his wonderful performance as the doctor. He was a daft old man with charm that made him quite likable to everyone. I want to thank him so much for all he did to make it come to life. he always is a speical doctor for all time.

The Doctor encounters the legendary Robin Hood and duels him using only a spoon. i dont need a need sword i have no need for it. the doctor’s a man able use only a spoon and save day. Its what makes the doctor so fun and charming in any version of the doctor. Its quite fun to see doctor defeat just a spoon. The doctor does the impossible as can defeat any foe with just the wits of the doctor.The doctor is one of kind in terms of heroes as doesnt need anything but just wits and charm to save the day.

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Jodie Whittaker is quite believable in her role as the doctor as there are strong similarities between Whitaker’s performance and the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors of the doctor. She has Ten’s mood switches, and the spinning and jumping from place to place of eleven but with her own unique twist to the role as she gives out such a wonderful performance upon the role as the latest doctor who is quite amazing in the role. The doctor’s main role in every-life time of the doctor is about a person here to here to help save us. The doctor does whatever is right no matter what. The doctor is a hero that everyone will always adore forever.

Doctor Who became a part of my life a long time ago. He changed me cardinally. I can say that I grew up on it and it is part of my childhood. And this series made me believe in miracles.  I want to say thank you to the series, creators, actors for changing my life, for giving the world magic! Happy 55th Anniversary! 1963 – 2018

I hope you enjoyed my talk on doctor who today,the doctor truly will always be with us forever.  I want to say thank you to the series, creators, actors for changing my life, for giving the world magic! Happy 55th Anniversary! Doctor Who

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