Halloween classics reviews:the devil rides,The chilling adventures of Sabrina double feature

Today I talk about the devil rides and the chilling adventures of Sabrina as review both of them today for a double feature. Hammer horror movies are some of my favorite horror movies all time as today I review them both today. The devil rides is another example of a great hammer horror classic movie it was released in same year as Rosemary’s Baby, The Devil Rides Out” is yet another movie dealing with a satanic cult. I review also today season one of and the chilling adventures of Sabrina which talks about, Sabrina must choose between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends; based on the “Archie” comic of Sabrina.  It deals with witchcraft and Satan as both themes are in both of my reviewed features today. I am huge fan of horror movies which deals with these darker elements of the occult and its darker world. So today’s review begins now of The Devil Rides Out and the chilling adventures of Sabrina now for my second and third review of Halloween classics as both reviews are rides of horror and fun you will enjoy.

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.The Devil Rides Out, known as The Devil’s Bride in the United States, is a 1968 British horror film, based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Dennis Wheatley. It was written by Richard Matheson and directed by Terence Fisher. The film stars Christopher Lee, Charles Gray, Niké Arrighi and Leon Greene. The Devil Rides Out is possibly is one of my truly favorite horror movies all time.

The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides Out is one of those classics in the horror cannon where everything just works in spite of how incredibly silly and hammy it could all be for its subject matter. The Legendary Hammer Horror directors Terrence Fisher’s adaption of Dennis Wheatley’s devil rides out novel of the same name. The script was written by equally legendary writer/screenwriter Richard Matheson and is a much more subdued and serious horror film compared to Fisher’s other works for the studio. It’s much of a psychological horror then a full out horror movie.

The devil rides is a splendid example of Hammer Films operating at the height of their powers, The Devil Rides Out released as The Devil’s Bride in the U.S. to avoid being confused for a western is pure classic horror as its come.  Christopher Lee, in a role he has long claimed as a personal favorite. The Devil Rides Out wasn’t a big hit at the box office and isn’t nearly as well known as it should be, but it regularly appears near the top of most fan polls of Hammer’s best movies all time.

It was Christopher Lee, himself an avid collector of works on the occult and a fan and friend of Wheatley’s, who spurred Hammer on to make a film based on his works as he truly plays out of one of the finest roles he played upon the screen. The Devil Rides Out also stands apart in its supporting cast, eschewing the regular Hammer stock company as that cast is simply marvelous to watch upon the screen play out their respective roles with such amazing charm and acting skills in their roles they play on the screen. I would this is a fun thriller to watch form start to finish.

The Devil Rides Out is perhaps unlikely to be particularly scary for anyone that loves horror movies as but its such a wonderfully crafted out thriller that is as well as a fascinating oddity in Hammer’s horror catalog as it stands out among them as so diffrent form so many of its counterparts done by hammer horror with wonderful acting that makes its such a wonderful thriller you will adore to watch again and again.

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The chilling adventures of Sabrina review 

As her 16th birthday nears, Sabrina must choose between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends; based on the “Archie” comic.
I would forget everything you know about the wholesome teen witch from the original Archie comics and the ‘90s sitcom, this dark version of Sabrina Spellman (played by Kiernan Shipka) and her world bears a much closer resemblance to the likes of Rosemary’s Baby than Bewitched.
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Sabrina’s beloved familiar, Salem, is introduced very early on and has a completely different origin and personality than his previous iterations as he simply is perfection anytime he is on the screen. Its visual standpoint is a horror fans wild dreams come to life form  Suspiria to Hellraiser to hammer horror classics.
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Kiernan Shipka who plays the inquisitive witch with a strong moral compass, is instantly charming.  Davis and Otto are bewitching as Sabrina’s Satan-worshipping guardians, and Michelle Gomez exudes bewitching confidence as Madam Satan. But the biggest surprise, though, is that of cast member Tati Gabrielle as Prudence, the leader of the Weird Sisters. Prudence is a fearsome witch with a grudge against Sabrina, but Gabrielle imbues her with enough magnetism and vulnerability that you can’t wait to see more of her story unfold. The inaugural season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a wonderful ride to watch upon the screen at any moment.  You will enjoy watching it anytime.

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Today I talk about the bloodthirsty trilogy; I am huge fan of cult horror classics and horror movies made by hammer horror as I grew up loving horror movies since a young age would rent a new scary movie often that would be such fun to watch often. Michio Yamamoto’s singular takes on the Dracula mythos is something quite unique among Japanese horror movies. the Japanese are justly famous for their unique and culturally-specific contributions to Horror cinema they have not really done much outside their border in terms of what others do as crazes that others do in other nations yet would they saw the money to be made from vampires as they saw hammer horror classics making they decided to cash into that craze with their own takes on vampire mythos.

Three horror classics were Spearheaded by Toho Studios (home of the aforementioned Godzilla) and helmed by the markedly unprolific Michio Yamamoto, THE VAMPIRE DOLL (1970), LAKE OF DRACULA (1971), and EVIL OF DRACULA (1974) sought to capitalize on the Gothic Horror boom by borrowing heavily from Hammer’s signature style yet they are not copies of anything form hammer horror but highly original takes on the classic legends of vampires that hammer horror fans and Gothic fans will enjoy to watch anytime as i am talking about THE BLOODTHIRSTY TRILOGY which i just got recently as it an arrow video blu-ray release of the classic take on hammer horror by Toho Studios that I feel anyone will enjoy to  watch again and again. So let’s dive into this classic horror classic gems now.

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Vampires invade the normally serene confines of Japanese cinema in three elegant 70’s shockers directed by Michio Yamamoto in these gothic hammer inspired classics.

The Vampire Doll review 

The vampire doll is no doubt inspired by western horror movies in so many regards as post-war Japan meets the Euro Gothic styling of Hammer Horror with hints of Corman’s Poe cycle and the works of Mario Bava. as Kieko (Kayo Matsuo) goes in search of her brother who has failed to return from a visit to the rural home of his fiancee. The first entry in what would become collectively known as The Bloodthirtsy Trilogy and tied into the myths of vampirism and Dracula.

The musty rooms littered with doll parts, a jovial doctor who dabbles in the occult, the unnerving staccato movements of Yuko when she moves in for the kill really can make you feel chills as it unfolds toward the climax of the movie is photographed by Kazutami Hara, cameraman on Kurosawa’s tense Tohoscope drama High and Low.  I would say his camera work is lovely as it captures the gothic horror so well.

The actors are framed by widescreen compositions that emphasize a sense of isolation that really captures the feeling.  Michio Yamamoto direction is wonderful but discreet and his cast is admirably reined in – particularly Kayo Matsuo (of Shogun Assassin) as Keiko and, in a nearly silent performance, Yukiko Kobayashi (of Destroy All Monsters) as the star crossed Yuko as they all give out such wonderful jobs in their performances on the screen. The vampire doll is a movie filled with Gothic horror images and an original take on vampire mythos that i feel you will enjoy watching again and again.

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LAKE OF DRACULA (1971) review 

Lake of Dracula (1971): Young Akiko loses her puppy one day and tracks the dog to a strange European mansion . Once there she encounters the corpse of a woman and a vampire (Mori Kishida). Flash forward  many years, and Akiko (Midori Fujita) is still haunted by the images she witnessed as a child, though she believes the whole affair was merely a dream that happened.


Talk about hitting my cinematic sweet spot as Toho Studios doing its take on a Hammer Films Gothic vampire story! As expected, the result is a superbly crafted traditional horror piece. Spiritual follow up to the filmmaker’s VAMPIRE DOLL and by that people just mean it’s another Gothic horror that he and Toho made. Anyways this one actually has a traditional vampire and rules of western horror movies of this type. Lake of Dracula is Stylish old-school flick with a welcome lack of overt exploitative elements.

Lake of Dracula is a film about a girl who saw a vampire as a child and then grew up to meet that vampire again and realize the cause for her nightmares are real. Lake of Dracula uses many old school horror traits that i adore to see in action as its fun to watch these scenes unfold on the screen. Shin Kishida (Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla) plays the vampire with two modes, entitled playboy in a fancy scarf and bloodsucking monster that steals the show as he simply is a wonderful actor in this movie. Riichiro Manabe provides a weird musical score that calls to mind the rubbery squelching sounds of his Godzilla vs. Hedorah score from the same year. Cinematographer Rokuro Nishigaki really has such rich hammer styled horror camera work that captures the west meets east feeling of this classic movie.

Lake of Dracula is another wonderful horror classic that may seem like normal hammer horror but its fun to watch form beginning to end that you will enjoy it upon the screen.

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EVIL OF DRACULA (1974) review Evil of Dracula (1974): Professor Shiraki (Toshio Kurosawa) takes a job at a remote girl’s academy. Upon arriving the mega-creepy Principal (Shin Kishida) informs Shiraki that he will be the school’s new principal as he is stepping down due to the recent death of his wife.

Evil of Dracula is the third and final film in Toho’s mid 70s trio of western style vampire movies now known as the “Bloodthirsty Trilogy as that i feel each of series is so different form the other movie. Japanese Gothic vampirism has now clearly entered the ’70s with shaggier hair, groovier clothes, and shakier camera work that really feels like made in the 1970’s while most movies with this setup would have the kids learn of vampires and try to tell their disbelieving (and potentially evil) teachers, Evil of Dracula flips that on its head. Here it’s the adults who are quick to believe the notion of vampires hidden among us, whereas the students generally see a vampire bite victim as someone with a bad case of the flu.

Shin Kishida is back playing the vampire in a white scarf previously seen in Lake of Dracula as he is wonderful as the vampire again. Evil of Dracula has such a good cast that many would recognize upon the screen such as oshio Kurosawa makes for a likable intellectual hero and I enjoyed Kunie Tanaka’s supporting role. The relatively unknown actresses are good in their roles upon the screen with its eerie setting near a wooded lake, rich atmosphere, gorgeous widescreen imagery, and mnemonic score, Lake of Dracula is a strikingly well-made horror movie that is an easy recommendation to watch anytime.

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The Bloodthirsty Trilogy is a trio of films that, as a longtime fan of Toho’s science fiction and fantasy movies, I have always wanted to see. And now after watching them all, I can say I don’t consider any one of the movies to be a disappointment. In fact, for as much as they are touted as Hammer-inspired horror as i simply enjoyed to watch all three of those wonderfully fun classic horror gems. really think they manage to escape the Hammer shadow and stand on their own as a trio of interesting, weird movies that you will enjoy to watch again and again like  i did as i enjoyed to talk them today too.

 Val Lewton:Shadows And Suspense


Today I talk about In the early 1940’s rko was suffering a big failure following citizen Kane and other movies leaving the studio in ruins. it turned to its low budget b pictures . Val Lewton was the man put in charge of producing these flims with titles given to him by the studio. He found ways to make these movies into horror classics. Cat people was a huge hit so he was given free rein to do whatever he felt about for his movies. He came up idea of i walked with a zombie. Its his third The Leopard Man where he finally hit his mark fully in his ideas.  Val Lewton was a man that was able created many classic movies that do not follow the trends of its genre as his horror films are different then many horror films of its time. Val Lewton crafted out a group of movies that i call the Val Lewton touched classics that truly shine in their own right as they show ideas that was different and takes the movies to a different level. So today i talk about these classic movies now.

Cat-People-2 Val Lewton:Shadows And Suspense(https://www.facebook.com/Wolffianclassicmoviesdigest/)Cat People (1942) reviewImage result for Cat People (1942)Cat People is a movie less about real horror but subjective horrors such as fear of what you don’t see unfolding around you. Our male lead fears that he is losing his wife before he even really got her in the first place. Our female lead fears that her husband is falling in love with someone else. She fears a history that she can’t seem to escape it’s all really subjective as you don’t see any of these horrors unfold on the screen which by its nature is even scarier as it’s playing with your mind which is something truly real and true to life. You often hear noises at night but you don’t see anything unfold as you wonder what the noise was you heard unfold at night. Image result for Cat People (1942)

Simone Simon has the perfect mix of coiled power and haunted vulnerability to lodge us completely in her corner, Tourneur’s mise-en-scene is bursting with clever detail and Nicholas Musuraca’s shadowy cinematography that brings us into the story unfolding upon the screen.

Its use of footsteps as sounds to scare you and shadows makes you feel chills for things you dont see on the screen as is the horror real or its all in our minds it plays a trick upon you to bring fear into your life. I would say the human nature of fearing what we dont see is more scary then what we see unfold upon the screen.

Image result for Cat People (1942)Cat People is the strongest example of atmospheric film-making from the Golden Age of horror cinema that didn’t have the names James Whale or Tod Browning attached to it as a it’s such a wonderfully layered film that uses your real fears of what you don’t see to scare you. The black-and-white cinematography is wonderful. I would simply suggest you watch Cat People today.

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I Walked with a Zombie review
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I Walked With A Zombie is Based somewhat on the classic story of “Jane Eyre. It takes to Caribbean island mansion to explore the traditions of zombie culture of the Caribbean which is an interesting subject to apply his subjective horror ideals to it as he takes us upon one of the best takes of zombies on the screen.
 I Walked with a Zombie has the feel of a b movie its so much richer then its subject matter of island voodoo. The narrative weaves in some intense social issues, including the legacy of suffering left in the wake of slavery upon the islands.  A township marked by colonialism and a culture struggling to survive beneath it. It plays more like Gothic literature then anything else.the Canadian nurse’s (Frances Dee) visions of tropical enchantment are curtly dismissed by the death-scented plantation owner (Tom Conway) whom both lead this movie as i would say its acting is very good but its much more richer to watch what unfolds on the screen.
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 Jacques Tourneur helms the picture with a style that i truly adore even more in this movie then i do for cat people as its use of the subjective horror of what you dont see unfold upon the screen as the fears of what unfolds really does make you fear what is happening upon the screen. The black-and-white cinematography  of  I Walked with a Zombie makes use of shadows in a rich way that feels richer then many noir classics.
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I am sure some overlook I Walked with a Zombie because it seems like a low rent b movie at first glace but you shouldn’t do that at all as its a rich movie that really is something truly amazing to watch unfold on the screen.
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The Seventh Victim review
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The Seventh Victim illustrates better than any other film the amount of creative freedom Val Lewton’s B-picture department was given by the bosses at RKO. The Seventh Victim has a good cast of talents all giving out good performances. I adore all of Val Lewton’s B-picture’s my favorite would be curse of cat people.
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It’s a very effective thriller that deals with themes of the occult and Satanism as the movie explores these themes in very detail with its plot that really is very dark for its time. The film also appeared to influence Rosemary’s Baby, in that the cultists are not depicted as ghouls in hooded robes, but as normal people, old and slightly shabby. Screenwriter Charles O’Neil said he researched the story by visiting a cult headquarters in New York. The people, he said, were surprisingly normal. Some of the older ladies knitted as they chanted to cast a spell on Adolph Hitler. It’s one of those weird stories where the writers find more then hoped in the story to find out about their movie.

It was shot on a studio back-lot. The Greenwich Village created for The Seventh Victim feels realistic. It’s a bleak nightscape of failed poets, Italian restaurants, beauty salons and dark alleys, shady private eyes, psychiatrists who harbor secrets, theatrical troops, lesbians, and devil cults. It was into this odd world that Jacqueline disappeared really feels like the real place.

A number of scenes stand out in this classic movie that you will love to see happen upon the screen. The Seventh Victim also boasts one of the best ‘Lewton walks.’ When Jacqueline tries to walk home alone after being allowed to leave the Palladists’ meeting, she is stalked by a hit man who emerges from the darkness of a doorway she passes on an eerily deserted street. This scene echoes earlier Lewton walks such as when Irena stalks Alice through Central Park in Cat People or the some of the scenes of I walked with a zombie. It really stands out as it shows up on the screen.

The Seventh Victim is a very wonderfully acted thriller that inspired later classics that will stay with you for years to come that you should see today.
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The Curse of the Cat People review 
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The Curse of the Cat People remains among the strangest Hollywood sequels ever made. Following Cat People, RKO’s 1942 horror masterwork of shadow and atmosphere that also helped delay the studio’s financial ruin, the sequel resolves to occupy another genre entirely. I would call it one of my favorite movies all time as its story is quite lovely. Director Robert Wise, winner of Oscars for the musicals West Side Story and The Sound of Music among several other classic films directs this classic gem that I adore so much.

The Curse of the Cat People is rather a fairy tale in a way its very much a movie that feels more dreamlike like the classic fairy-tale classics. The magical tone of the movie is reminiscent of Rene Clair or similar fantastic directors of the era that feels so much more fun to watch unfold on the screen as it captures the childhood feel so great.

Ann Carter is astounding in the role of Amy, taking another otherworldly turn after playing Veronica Lake’s enchantress daughter in I Married a Witch as she gives out such a wonderful performance in her role. Simone Simon who literally plays the role of a good fairy/fairy princess as Irena She’s an angelic presence that, again, could be perceived as evil because she is so ethereal.

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By the nature of the movie’s story you are really in a fairy-tale that feels dreamlike and echoes many other childhood fairy-tale classics with its even Gothic touches that feel right out of a fairy-tale. I used adore to read old fairy-tales as a boy as had book collecting them this movie really captures that feeling of those classic tales upon the screen.
The Curse of the Cat People is hardly a horror story at all as its more a Gothic fairy-tale which really makes it one of a kind for movies of its time. This is a lovely, haunting film that you will simply enjoy to watch anytime.
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 Val Lewton:Shadows And Suspense thoughts
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The early 1940’s rko was suffering a big failure following citizen Kane and other movies leaving the studio in ruins. It turned to its low budget b pictures. Val Lewton was the man put in charge of producing these films with titles given to him by the studio that each of them stands out in their own as today i talked about some of his movies that really stands out that you will adore to see as each of them are different types of movies that all offer different types of tales. I hope you enjoyed my talk today about his movies i hope you join me again for another in the future

night of living dead:Night of Anubis

night of living dead:Night of Anubis(orginal title)



Today I review the cult classic night of living dead. The original title was Night of Anubis as the original work print had that title on its reels. The lost work-print was cut and removed from screens before even released on screens. The new Criterion Collection version that is the closest we get to a director’s cut of night of the living dead contains the original work-print among many other wonderful extras about this marvelous classic. Night of the living dead is one of the finest horror movies ever made. I review night of living dead now for my blog.

night of living dead review


Night of the Living Dead, was directed by George A. Romero is a horror masterpiece and a cult classic that still gets such high praise even today for its many wonderful traits. George A. Romero’s Night of the Living was released in 1968 as it turns 50 years old this year finally got its true directors cut this year under a release form Criterion this year which is the closest to recapturing the magic of the original classic movie screening of this magical gem.

The story of this movie is very basic, a group of random individuals happen to meet up at house to hide from flesh-eating entranced humans aka zombies. Bruce Capristo, the head of the makeup department did a great job at making the zombies look like normal people as they all look like such real people makes you feel for them even if they are flesh eating monsters about to eat people alive.

Duane Jones as Ben leads the pack with his remarkable role that really showcases such raw talent. Judith O’Dea as Barbra is marvelous she really is such a wonderful actress as who would forget the line they are coming to get you Barbara. Karl Hardman as Harry Cooper really shines in his role. Marilyn Eastman as Helen Cooper gives us a marvelous performance. I would say that the entire cast even supporting cast even bit players all give out marvelous acting performances that all do shine truly to bring to life this classic.

The wonderful directing by George A. Romero along with the marvelous screenplay by  John A. Russo  and George A. Romero that does such wonders to bring to bring to life a tale that is truly marvelous to watch unfold on the screen.

This movie showed something that could have only occurred pre-Watergate. At one point, the people trapped in the farmhouse discover a television and turn it on in search of news of what is going on. Something almost as remarkable to today’s audiences as the dead rising from their graves is seen to occur. In Washington, reporters confront a government official about the situation, the government official tells the reporters the truth, and everyone believes what the government has told them. All of this would be truly remarkable in today’s environment of mutual mistrust between citizens as we would doubt such things today but it does still feel so raw and real even now.

The sense of dread and bleak horror that seems comes off watching night of the living dead with moments that bring you hope to only to take it away from you. The movie makes most of the group of people that all have their own agenda that makes it feel so much more real and gripping and raw to watch unfold on the screen. We have war, pollution and division between the rich and the poor that always seems to be traits we have as a society through our values, culture and norms we create division among ourselves yet if we unite we can overtime such moments we can overcome anything. I feel it raises such a question, so in a way the movie is questioning our values as a society about race and other moral questions of our society. Night of the living is a classic movie that you simply should see today.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

I walked with a zombie

I walked with a zombie(https://www.facebook.com/Wolffianclassicmoviesdigest)

It’s undoubtedly the most atmospheric of the Lawton/Tourneur film collaborations as its told in flashbacks by y nurse Betsy Connell, Frances Dee. The horror aspects of I walked with a zombie is very minor in regard to its overall story. I walked with a zombie takes a different way of horror then most of the horror of universal horror of its day as it more what you don’t see that scares you in this film then what is seen by you. It doe harkens back to classic universal horror of the 1930’s its dreamlike approach to cinematic storytelling. This movie has Lyrical and atmospheric story-telling as this film uses very heavy use of that classic trait of story-telling trait.

This movie is a rehash of the Charlotte Bronte classic Jean Eyre in a classic sense. The supernatural and unknown is shown in the form of the Island’s native’s belief in Voodoo was shown in a way as how one can be put under its spell as its the original sense of zombies on the screen. This movie is an Eerie, poetic horror film with such rich black and white camera work that captures it in a richly psychological way. This movie is more about what the eyes do not see to scare you on screen. The acting performance of everyone shines in this movie as you watch it unfold on the screen.

Director Jacques Tourneur is perfectly in tune with his producer to unhinge the audience by way of an approaching dread we can’t see on the screen. The movie has haunting elegiac sequences linger long in the memory after you see this movie. This is a marvelous classic that was written by Curt Siodmak, the concept for the piece came about by way of a number of newspaper articles that were telling of voodoo and witchcraft in Haiti as this is simply a marvelous classic you should see today.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


So today I talk about Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for The 3rd Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon today, a classic MGM horror movie that remains timeless today. I hope you check out other posts form this Blogathon today. So to review this classic movie now for my blog.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde review

Unlike Universal, MGM was never a studio associated much with out-and-out horror films (A notable exception: 1932’s great The Mask of Fu which is another classic movie by this classic studio. This version of the classic Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde story is more slow-moving and psychological than the other versions of this classic tale for the screen. It relies on a good cast that all give out wonderful performances. If you want horror but you will love it if you don’t mind a psychological approach.

Spencer Tracy plays the dual leading role giving it a good job of creating both personas. This movie is a perfect encapsulation of Stevenson’s original vision as Spencer Tracy gives us a closer to the book version of this evil side unleashed upon the screen. Tracy’s makeup is far less monstrous than that created for Fredric March ten years earlier but it is far better and closer to the book. Director Victor Fleming goes for exaggerations of Tracy’s features and the playing up of the psychological differences between Jekyll and Hyde. The first couple of transformations are played as dream sequences involving good girl Lana Turner and bad girl Ingrid Bergman. We don’t see the actual transformation until well on into the movie. So have big actresses like Ingrid Bergman and Lana Turner in supporting roles giving out such wonderful performances for the screen.

It is a literary-based horror/drama that has wonderful acting and a wonderful story that unfolds upon the screen. Joseph Ruttenberg’s cinematography with Cedric Gibbons’ Art Direction and Edwin B. Willis Set Direction all recreate foggy Victorian London upon the screen. It’s simply a classic gothic tale that you will adore to see anytime.

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