King Kong

Today I talk about king Kong, Escape is the most crucial function of Hollywood cinema. An audience supplied with hearty diversion forgets their daily troubles and returns for more, in turn supporting the entire industry; the relationship is one of mutual symbiosis of movies that was pure escapism started in the 1930’s as its the era that began the trend we see today of movies being escape from their troubles as at time of it was the great depression. I am happy to talk about one of my favorite movies all time which is King Kong.

King Kong(

Cooper and Schoedsack sought to combine the awe of discovery with full-fledged drama, and then elevate their concept with irresistible Hollywood spectacle. Few forerunners to their eventual film King Kong exist, which further underlines their pioneering of filmic adventures. King Kong was the filmmaker’s challenge is to unite universal entertainment value with artistic vision, engaging both the audience’s emotions and intellect to make Hollywood spectacle that was unlike anything done before on the big screen before it

Cooper and Schoedsack’s King Kong was born. Conceived by Cooper and Edgar Wallace, and written by James Creelman and Ruth Rose, their yarn was about the very nature of escapism that was something diffrent form many movies of its age as its roots was to give viewers something they never seen before in a movie. It would take viewers to  an impossible world filled with wondrous things. In the end, their film would return to familiar territory, unleashing the unknown onto the everyday, smashing the illusion of escapism and confronting the audience head-on with this new idea of movies being an escape.

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Designing the Kong puppet was Marcel Delgado but it required more than than simple puppetry by way of stop-motion animation to create King Kong.  Employing every trick in the book to assemble a believable environment form back projection, matte and glass paintings, miniatures, and models, each disappearing into one another to create an incomparable magic show where the impossible lives and breathes. Pieced together with a metal skeleton frame, foam, and animal fur, the Kong puppet was made into an unlikely source of audience sympathy through O’Brien’s animation that was such a slow process like many works of this stop motion to bring to life king Kong‘s world.

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Modern day viewers might balk at the stop-motion effects having seen more convincing, photorealistic, computer-generated sensations in Jackson’s remake. From the perspective of today’s cinema but if you look upon the marvel of this work you would see how magical it is simply watch this movie upon the screen.I would say its acting is very good for everyone in its cast.Kong was one of the first movie monsters to receive credit as a main character. For the time, this speaks to the marvel of the film’s effects working in harmony with the power of the narrative, as the filmmakers relied on pure invention to render Skull Island, Kong, and the beast’s distinct personality onscreen.

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King Kong’s love for Ann Darrow fully described, his death painfully sad. There are moments where Kong’s behavior is best defined as idiosyncratic but strikingly true, such as when he verifies his Tyrannosaurus Rex kill by flapping its lifeless jaw, or when he smells his fingers after touching Ann. These moments grow throughout the film until the creature is no longer just a beast, but the story’s protagonist, elevating the B-grade monster movie into a moving tragedy when Kong falls to his death.

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Depression-era moviegoers found King Kong delivered them from their poverty and financial distress into the hands of a beast, but it was important to return them to the safety of the world when the adventure was over. ing Kong provides the underlying ambition of all Hollywood cinema. The film brings the movies to a colossal idea to the big screen which changed the face of Hollywood forever as the creators led the bold way to other flim-makers make groundbreaking changes that led to today’s Hollywood box office movie.

Black Narcissus

Black Narcissus(

Today I talk about Black Narcissus. Swiss film historian Fredrik Gustafsson describes Powell’s work in post-WW2 as having a quality of “extravagant dreamlike passion.” One such example is their 1947 production of “Black Narcissus,” a movie which propelled Deborah Kerr to stardom and featured a burgeoning Jean Simmons. I re-watch the movie often as its truly a classic movie. So I hope you enjoy My talk and review of the Black Narcissus now.

Black Narcissus(

Black Narcissus (1947) is perhaps most overtly infused with elements of horror and fantasy. It also stands out from their catalog of lush collaborative visions of both of them together make such masterpieces such as  The Red Shoes and their other remarkable classics as each of them are such wonderful classics. Cinema’s a multidisciplinary medium. In a perfect movie, all of its various elements would work together toward a unified goal: writing, acting, cinematography, editing, score that work so marvelous in this wonderful classic gem all are united to make this a marvelous classic that is perfectly one of the best movies ever made.

The flim is so hauntingly beautiful, and for good reason. Firstly, the film set a new technical benchmark for Technicolor cinematography building upon their past efforts such as The Thief of Bagdad (1940), The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) and A Matter of Life and Death as its color in Black Narcissus really is so impressive you feel like you are really visiting it with the cast as its a remarkable sight to behold upon the screen.

Black Narcissus is also memorable for its incredible characters whom are all played by a remarkable cast of acting talents that all give out such wonderful performances. Deborah Kerr is remarkable in her role as tortured Sister Clodagha registers every emotion, every longing, every doubt and every fear with her eyes and movements as she truly is so marvelous in this role she plays on the screen. A beautiful young Jean Simmons is sensuous as Kanchi that is such a good role showing her talent as an actress. David Farrar is Mr. Dean, the Englishman that is a very impressive role for him to play upon the screen. They play out such remarkable roles in their respective roles that all showcase the wonderful talents of its acting cast upon the screen.

It is the destructive power of emotions repressed and released that is most obvious in ‘Black Narcissus’, but more fundamental to this beautiful film is a stronger, yet quieter, ancient and more subtle power, that of place. The Himalayan setting is established surprisingly convincingly for the period, in a series of vivid shots that disclose the fact of that landscape’s power from the beginning. And the particular quality, the particular power of that place is continuously present in the wind that blows constantly, stirring every fabric, every soft thing. Only as that power of place begins to work its insidious magic on the nuns does it begin to reveal its nature. Everyone there is affected, their practical efforts diverted by poetry and passion. Somehow flowers are planted, not potatoes. The Young General (Sabu) falls in love with a dancing girl (Jean Simmons). Two of the nuns are drawn to the rough Agent, already sunk into the life of the society around him. Sister Clodagh (Deborah Kerr), the Sister Superior, initially drawn back to memories of her lover in Ireland, remains strong in her faith, yet is softened, becomes more human. Sister Ruth (Kathleen Byron), on the other hand, becomes maddened by jealous passion and it is her tragedy, itself peculiarly bound up with the geography of the place that brings the drama to an end. The testing of a few people brought together in isolation is a familiar theme, but this is an unusual example. Black Narcissus’ has an unusual symmetry acceptance of this tainted life. Powell and Pressburger are experts at using color. Instead of employing their Technicolor to simply make their film look pretty, the color almost becomes a character in itself, creating a feverish, hyper-realistic glow to the film.

Legendary cameraman Jack Cardiff is responsible for the sterling and Oscar-winning cinematography. Equally stunning is the art direction, which created very realistic mountains out of papier-mache that stand out as some of best ever put to flim.

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Black Narcissus looks amazing but that visual glamour never spreads over film’s story and its characters, there’s no poetic romance or heartwarming humor here. Powell and Pressburger implant the darkest and most unsettling themes in film’s appealing pictures and thus create something that will terrify you with its contrasts to create an immensely powerful and thought provoking masterpiece to put it simply that you will adore watching again and again.

The Eleventh Day:Armistice Day

The Eleventh Day:Armistice Day,


Today marks 100 years snice the official World War I’s official ceasefire took effect at 11 a.m., November 11, 1918 after years of fighting  and millions of people dying. The final shots rang out in the same place they began–in Mons, Belgium. The last soldier to fall was American private Henry Gunther, who was killed by automatic fire in the village of Chaumont-devant-Damvillers, France, at 10:59 a.m thus they began the frist Armistice Day,which i honor today.


The Eleventh Day:Armistice Day,


If it’s hard for us to grasp the scale of deaths during World War I that the world really feel like it was end times for them all. Its hard for us to figure the scales of joy felt by the people today about the mass celebrations all over cities and small towns as factories emptied out to  celebrate the ending of this war.  Bands played, banners and flags waved. In factories, in shipyards, even on trains, everyone stopped what they were doing to shout and cry and celebrate together as they all were cheering upon the streets  to honor the war to end all war’s endings.  It was a mass joy that has not been seen like this in 100 years.  They were to rejoice in the bloody struggle’s end, and perhaps to rejoice in life itself, fleeting as it was.


Every Veterans’ Day is important but today has a special resonance. Wherever you are, and whatever you may be doing today, please take a moment to remember the immense sacrifices made by so many millions of people that died in every war to our point in history for their honor and memories is what makes this day key to our world.~1918 – 2018~ Lest We Forget poppy-banner


I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves – something no hero will ever defeat. I’ve touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best. Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred, and the lengths they’ll go to for love. Now I know. Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give… for the world I know can be. This is my mission, now. Forever.

RIP FilmStruck:classic movies will live on

RIP FilmStruck:classic movies will live on((


Today I talk about FilmStruck which i adored to use to watch classic movies i wouldn’t have found otherwise. Today, the classic, art house and foreign film-focused FilmStruck announced that it was ending its service. This is quite a blow to fans of non-blockbuster viewing as the selection of classics and silent films are pretty sketchy in the libraries of mainstream services like Netflix as we are losing access to so many classic movies. The decision was financial; Warner Bros. decided that a niche service like FilmStruck was simply not profitable enough for them. However, films are not just a product, they are works of art and pieces of our cultural history. Further, many film fans discover silent films and the classics only if they are readily available. Adding another barrier to access is not going to be helpful to us all as film fans all over the world.


RIP FilmStruck:classic movies will live on


The loss of FilmStruck is a huge blow to classic fans as you still got others like fandor but they are more niche then this service. I do advise doing fandor if wants one anyway its cheap. In a darker observation, this shows the ephemeral and often fleeting nature of streaming services as we do need psychical media still to save our history unless we can come together as flim fans begin to save our movie history. This loss also emphasizes the importance of physical media, often written off as dead and buried. My DVDs and Blu-rays are mine and not dependent on what profit of the men that do not care about you but the cash and money making of movies which is not what flim fans think about flim as we adore it as an art. so fans you you can still love this art no matter what they say about it at all. we will lose many movies in our age now of digital i believe could be our next silent era of lost media. I am saying bluntly below what classics you should watch today no matter which way you find them.

035d9-beast2kfthms_149classics you should watch anytime if you can see them as you can watch them without FilmStruck.


A film is a petrified fountain of thought. It’s about opening you mind to new worlds and ideals. Film is not just for profit if you believe that you are not a true lover of movies as the true art of movies is about watching and adoring movies. I am naming some classics now that you will adore watching anytime. These are every classic ever made but my personal favorites you should see anytime.

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes is the perfect movie to discuss or at least think about these confounding questions as the fundamental issue of art’s authenticity and its role in our lives is the key element of both the film’s inner and outer layers that address about our many flaws as humans. The red shoes is a movie that shows about how mankind’s fragile soul, a tragic portrait of the fine margin between passion and insanity, between love and hate, the drive to be perfect at all times.

Whatever Powell and Pressburger sacrificed of themselves to get the film made, whatever deal with the devil or pound of flesh it required, it seems to have been worth it. The Red Shoes is a terrifying, visually stunning piece of film-making as they made something very profound and moving flim that talks about the drive obsession can have upon your life.

The Red Shoes

The highlight of The Red Shoes is an extended ballet sequence midway through the film. The ballet retells the metaphorical tale of The Red Shoes, of shoes that danced forever, letting time and love rush by, letting life rush by, letting all except dance rush by until death. This ballet sequence feels like an everlasting dream, filmed up close and personal. This isn’t a performance watched, but experienced – you’re not in the audience. The entire scene is surreal, blurring the line between what can be staged and what is just the filmmaker’s imagination. But the moments of fantasy are what makes artists able to do what they do, they need to be able to imagine a world around them. In this ballet, the fantasy becomes the reality. In this moment, who needs to be able to tell dreams apart? This whole sequence shows us the thoughts of having to dance this dance. It shows us a dancer and a conductor, two artists in perfect harmony. The dancer slowly disappears inside her character, becoming possessed in the moment. She dances until the final sequence of this fantasy, where she dies in the red shoes and surrounded by mourners. The lighting becomes deepest red at times as it plunges the dance into hell. There is a danger in fantasy, of being dragged into a world of pure nightmare and imagination. Luckily this fantasy sequence remains just that: a fantasy. It does slowly seep out though. It isn’t a plot hole that places the red shoes in their convenient position at the end, it’s the magic of this obsessive dance that you will be marveled upon forever of you viewing of this movie.The Red Shoes tells a really great story, but it’s also aided by an exceptional style. Powell & Pressburger were perhaps the greatest colour filmmakers of their time and they utilise bright colours and big, bold lighting to maximum effect with a marvelous score and acting . to make such a marvelous movie you should see today.

The Thief of Bagdad

When i first discovered Alexander Korda’s (1940) Fantasy, THE THIEF OF BAGDAD,it blew me away as the movie is far ahead of time in many ways due to its wonderful effects. It is one of the greatest fantasy movies all time. Conrad Veidt is a delightful villain,who might have inspired Walt Disney for Aladdin as gives one of his finest roles on screen,the acting of everyone is just amazing and top notch. The script is poetic, simply and very beautiful. The costumes are amazing and some of the best on screen ever. John Justin is both energetic & sensitive as the unenlightened king who must learn about the realities of live the hard way; Sabu gets a significant part of the action (when he’s not transformed into a dog) but Justin is appropriately athletic when needs must. Lovely June Duprez plays the endangered Princess of Basra, coveted by two very different men. Appearing late in the film, massive Rex Ingram shakes things up as a genie with an attitude as we have all of them giving us such great acting.
This enchanting fantasy adventure remains one of the finest classics all time with great acting and effects. The Technicolor in each was incredibly beautiful. Its to remain one of the classics for the ages. you should see this classic today.

Trouble in Paradise (1932) review

This pre-code sophisticated comedy epitomizes the European attitude toward sex. It is more open in sex. It is pre-code in that nature toward how it plays sex. It is based on Laszlo Aladar’s play The Honest Finder which was the springboard for the movie. The sexual undertones are very frank. I would not call it as sexually open as Design for Living which is far more sexual in nature. This was a taste of what was to come for his works. Trouble in Paradise is a comedic counterpart to a melodrama.

Lubitsch was best known for what we call the Lubitsch touch is a subtitle way of referencing sexual shenanigans that his characters do upon the screen. Lubitsch’s Magnum Opus faced controversy three years after its initial release because of the conservatism of the Production Code. This pre-code sophisticated comedy epitomizes the European attitude toward sex which is more open in sex that feels modern. . The movie is tamer than his other film design for a living for its sexual tone on the screen. It’s a spellbinding comedy classic about a a suave jewel thief (Herbert Marshall) falling in love with his intended victim (luminous Kay Francis) much to the displeasure of his girlfriend (Miriam Hopkins) whom all give out wonderful performances in their respective roles for the screen. . Kay Francis steals this film as she truly shines in her wonderful role that is hard to do with Miriam Hopkins. She is exquisite and enchanting and absolutely charming. Miriam Hopkins gets the better comedic lines and the guy even if lesser then Kay she still gives out a marvelous performance. Herbert Marshall shows an unexpected flair for light comedy while Charlie Ruggles and the ubiquitous Edward Everett Horton provide their usual first class supporting roles that that truly shine in their performances on the screen. Ernst Lubitsch crafts out a masterpiece of early comedy that truly shines in every manner making it a must see comedy classic for all time.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

In a Lonely Place review

Nicholas Ray’s in the lonely place presents us a very amazing noir classic about a Hollywood writer whose temper leads to accusations of murder and conflicted relationship. I would say this film stands among other Nicholas Ray classics such as they live by night and rebel without a cause and Johnny Guitar  and On dangerous ground. Martin Scorsese and Wim Wenders are among fans of his movies.Humphrey Bogart’s performance in a Lonely Place. Humphrey Bogart shows what he capable in his skills as an actor to do on the screen. Humphrey Bogart plays Dixon Steele in his darkest role on the screen. He shows off his true darkness of his soul to give us his finest hour on the screen. Gloria Grahame plays her finest hour on screen as Laurel Gray whom is one dam amazing character on the screen. It plays to the under-rated nature of Gloria Grahame this role. It shows how this under-rated actress could do such amazing acting.

Humphrey Bogart  and Gloria Graham  have electrifying chemistry on screen together.

In A Lonely Place is a fabulous picture which was frankly never was nominated for any Oscars at all.

In A Lonely Place is told in two parts to its overall tale. The first part of the movie deals with Dixon Steele and his darker traits unfolding on screen.  We see the relationship of Dixon Steele and Laurel Gray unfolding on the screen. The movie becomes wilder and more intense as it changes gears into the second part of the tale. The second part of the tale is Laurel Gray’s tension filled moments unfold on the screen. Nicholas Ray merges both parts together dabs them with darkly affecting visuals to make one interesting movie. The black and white cinematography of this movie is truly amazing to see unfold on the screen. In the lonely place is true gem of movies that you will want to watch again and again.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

rear window review


Hitchcock isn’t the master of tension without good reason as his direction in rear window of how Rear Window is one of the best instances of how Hitchcock builds tension as he manages to slowly over each scene build tension throughout the film.

Rear window is is one of Hitchcock’s finest tales which is an tale of voyeurism in miniature as every open window in the blistering apartment complex that Hitchcock’s camera resides in leads to another character, another emotion, another scene, and another mystery that you are set upon to figure out.

Image result for Rear window

James Stewart’s performance on the screen as Jeff is one of the finest acted on the screen. He emotes with such detailed movements that shows each of his expressions with his eyes and detailed movements that makes his  performance truly special to watch unfold on the screen. James Stewart delivers possibly a career best performance as the stir crazy invalid. Restricted to only minimal body movement as its truly one amazing performance you watch unfold on the screen.

Image result for rear window

Thelma Ritter plays such a fine role upon the screen. Grace Kelly gives out such an amazing performance on the screen.  Beautiful Grace Kelly is outstanding as the lovely girlfriend who turns into an adventurous spy as she gets interested in his boyfriend’s new hobby as she gets into the troubles of the mystery with her boyfriend. She is so charming to watch unfold on the screen.

Image result for Rear Window

You get the impression Hitchcock was a director that liked to be pushed and tested to his limits. From the early days of the cramped Lifeboat to the cleverly edited one-shot Rope, Hitchcock has enjoyed being technically restricted and challenged. Rear Window may have been filmed on the largest indoor soundstage at the time but he forced himself to remain tightly focused on the important elements of the story which was cleverly written by John Michael Hayes.

Image result for Rear Window

Rear window is superbly directed by Hitchcock with great use of suspense, the film presents the director in complete control of his film-making wizardry that is so smartly crafted out with wonderful Cinematography by Robert barks and a wonderful musical score by Franz Waxman that all make this movie truly come to life upon the screen.

Rear Window is a wonderfully simple thriller that also flirts with comedy and drama. With the always active photographer, L.B. ‘Jeff’ Jefferies, confined to a wheelchair he is left with little to do but spy on his fellow neighbours across the courtyard. Jeff becomes a voyeur in the same way we do when we watch movies upon the screen. Rear Window is an undisputed masterpiece that you simply will adore to watch anytime.

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His girl Friday review

His girl Friday is a classic comedy classic that is directed by Howard hawks. His girl Friday is one of my favorite movies all time to watch again and again. . Cary Grant plays a wonderful performance in his girl Friday. Rosalind Russell gives out an amazing performance in his girl Friday. Cart Grant and Rosalind Russell who make a great team together on the screen. Howard hawks compositions are layered with fore and background action and depth to each of its scenes. His girl Friday is about its dialogue more than its visuals elements on the screen. It comes so fast and sharp on the screen. This is a comedy classic that you will simply adore watching unfold as it’s just so much fun to watch it unfold on the screen.

. My Girl Friday successfully combines screwball romantic comedy with biting satire that truly makes it the true comedy classic that you should see today.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

Today I talked about some classic movies and the lost of flimstuck as I felt to give you some classic movies of joy to enjoy anytime that you will simply adore to watch anytime. I hope you enjoyed this talk today

Halloween classics reviews:the devil rides,The chilling adventures of Sabrina double feature

Today I talk about the devil rides and the chilling adventures of Sabrina as review both of them today for a double feature. Hammer horror movies are some of my favorite horror movies all time as today I review them both today. The devil rides is another example of a great hammer horror classic movie it was released in same year as Rosemary’s Baby, The Devil Rides Out” is yet another movie dealing with a satanic cult. I review also today season one of and the chilling adventures of Sabrina which talks about, Sabrina must choose between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends; based on the “Archie” comic of Sabrina.  It deals with witchcraft and Satan as both themes are in both of my reviewed features today. I am huge fan of horror movies which deals with these darker elements of the occult and its darker world. So today’s review begins now of The Devil Rides Out and the chilling adventures of Sabrina now for my second and third review of Halloween classics as both reviews are rides of horror and fun you will enjoy.

The devil rides out review((



.The Devil Rides Out, known as The Devil’s Bride in the United States, is a 1968 British horror film, based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Dennis Wheatley. It was written by Richard Matheson and directed by Terence Fisher. The film stars Christopher Lee, Charles Gray, Niké Arrighi and Leon Greene. The Devil Rides Out is possibly is one of my truly favorite horror movies all time.

The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides Out is one of those classics in the horror cannon where everything just works in spite of how incredibly silly and hammy it could all be for its subject matter. The Legendary Hammer Horror directors Terrence Fisher’s adaption of Dennis Wheatley’s devil rides out novel of the same name. The script was written by equally legendary writer/screenwriter Richard Matheson and is a much more subdued and serious horror film compared to Fisher’s other works for the studio. It’s much of a psychological horror then a full out horror movie.

The devil rides is a splendid example of Hammer Films operating at the height of their powers, The Devil Rides Out released as The Devil’s Bride in the U.S. to avoid being confused for a western is pure classic horror as its come.  Christopher Lee, in a role he has long claimed as a personal favorite. The Devil Rides Out wasn’t a big hit at the box office and isn’t nearly as well known as it should be, but it regularly appears near the top of most fan polls of Hammer’s best movies all time.

It was Christopher Lee, himself an avid collector of works on the occult and a fan and friend of Wheatley’s, who spurred Hammer on to make a film based on his works as he truly plays out of one of the finest roles he played upon the screen. The Devil Rides Out also stands apart in its supporting cast, eschewing the regular Hammer stock company as that cast is simply marvelous to watch upon the screen play out their respective roles with such amazing charm and acting skills in their roles they play on the screen. I would this is a fun thriller to watch form start to finish.

The Devil Rides Out is perhaps unlikely to be particularly scary for anyone that loves horror movies as but its such a wonderfully crafted out thriller that is as well as a fascinating oddity in Hammer’s horror catalog as it stands out among them as so diffrent form so many of its counterparts done by hammer horror with wonderful acting that makes its such a wonderful thriller you will adore to watch again and again.

The Ruth rating:

The chilling adventures of Sabrina review 

As her 16th birthday nears, Sabrina must choose between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends; based on the “Archie” comic.
I would forget everything you know about the wholesome teen witch from the original Archie comics and the ‘90s sitcom, this dark version of Sabrina Spellman (played by Kiernan Shipka) and her world bears a much closer resemblance to the likes of Rosemary’s Baby than Bewitched.
Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina review
Sabrina’s beloved familiar, Salem, is introduced very early on and has a completely different origin and personality than his previous iterations as he simply is perfection anytime he is on the screen. Its visual standpoint is a horror fans wild dreams come to life form  Suspiria to Hellraiser to hammer horror classics.
Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina review

Kiernan Shipka who plays the inquisitive witch with a strong moral compass, is instantly charming.  Davis and Otto are bewitching as Sabrina’s Satan-worshipping guardians, and Michelle Gomez exudes bewitching confidence as Madam Satan. But the biggest surprise, though, is that of cast member Tati Gabrielle as Prudence, the leader of the Weird Sisters. Prudence is a fearsome witch with a grudge against Sabrina, but Gabrielle imbues her with enough magnetism and vulnerability that you can’t wait to see more of her story unfold. The inaugural season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a wonderful ride to watch upon the screen at any moment.  You will enjoy watching it anytime.

The Ruth rating:

doctor who:woman that fell to earth

Today I talk about doctor who today which as I am a huge whovian that loves many things doctor who. I am talking about the boldly new doctor who season premiere that we been setup for us snice she regenerated into the doctor.  If you feel just that little bit exhausted with the endless chatter around the Thirteenth Doctor’s gender, then imagine what it’s like to be Jodie Whittaker about her gender doesnt matter at all. Its time for my doctor who review.


doctor who:woman that fell to earth review(

Image result for doctor who:woman that fell to earth

Doctor Who is back. We have a new show-runner. We have a new Doctor. We have a new sonic screwdriver. I would say the show has returned again as it’s a reinvention of the doctor who show. the TARDIS has simply kicked the Doctor off the TARDIS as we begin right where the doctor regenerated into the new doctor as she crashes upon earth suffering post regeneration. The Doctor has only half a mind because she is suffering from regeneration sickness, but someone or something alien that reminds you a predictor as it hunts down humans for sport taking its teeth as trophies. It’s the doctor to help save us as always as must do it as still trying become the new doctor as regeneration sickness slowing down her mind. The Woman Who Fell to Earth’ has a fresh look and feel, as the series about change transforms itself yet again to a new form that will be something new for this era of TV.

Doctor Who - Series 11 - Episode 1 - The Woman Who Fell To Earth - Ryan (TOSIN COLE), Graham (BRADLEY WALSH), Yaz (MANDIP GILL) - (C) BBC / BBC Studios - Photographer: Ben Blackall

Chris Chibnall cleverly starts off the episode by introducing the new companions. We are well into the episode before the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) is even seen. We first meet Ryan (Tosin Cole), Graham (Bradley Walsh) and Grace (Sharon D Clark) via failed to ride a bike as the doctor lands into the scene we begin to see the action unfold upon the screen.  It is difficult to pull the audience into caring about so many characters within the constraints of an hour programme, but Chibnall succeeds as we really adore each of them as they give such wonderful acting.  The empathy between the characters and the audience is created almost immediately; particularly amongst the O’Brien/Sinclair family as Ryan’s attempts to overcome the limitations of his dyspraxia is very good and moving. Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill) has perhaps the best introduction of the episode with her rant at the two squabbling women fighting over a parking spot which is so good to see something this grounded for a start for a companion. I would say that Graham and Grace, played expertly by Bradley Walsh and Sharon D. Clarke give out such wonderful acting performances upon the screen.

Doctor Who Grace GrahamAs for Grace, she is the companion that never was. Is it wrong that I too, was enjoying seeing an older woman taking on the role of hero? Stepping right into the path of danger, Sharon D. Clarke stole the scenes every time she was on screen as she simply steals the show.

Doctor Who - Series 11 - Episode 1 - The Woman Who Fell To Earth - The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) - (C) BBC/BBC Studios - Photographer: Sophie Mutevilian

The Doctor, last seen falling out of her TARDIS from high above Earth, lands with a crash into a train carriage with her soon to be friends all on-board. Immediately she jumps in between the data gathering creature to defend the humans on the train as she must still find her way as she finds her place as the doctor. Jodie Whittaker is quite believable in her role as the doctor as there are strong similarities between Whittaker’s performance and the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors of the doctor. She has Ten’s mood switches, and the spinning and jumping from place to place of eleven but with her own unique twist to the role as she gives out such a wonderful performance upon the role.

Doctor Who - Series 11 - Episode 1 - The Woman Who Fell To Earth - Rahul (AMIT SHAH) - (C) BBC / BBC Studios - Photographer: Ben Blackall

The monster from this episode is a fairly typical Doctor Who creature, apart from the usual name Tim Shaw and face implanted with his victim’s teeth. Overall, this wasn’t a challenging foe for the Doctor which is fine for the start of this new era. It is surprising that the number of deaths. Including Rahul’s sister Asha, seven characters were killed upon the screen.  seven characters were killed (Asha, Rahul, drunk man, Security Guard,Tim Shaw, Grace) as they will not ever return it’s a very dark turn for series but a good and grounded idea for the series.

Doctor Who - Series 11 - Episode 1 - The Woman Who Fell To Earth - Yaz (MANDIP GILL), Ryan (TOSIN COLE), The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER), Graham (BRADLEY WALSH), Grace (SHARON D CLARKE) - (C) BBC / BBC Studios - Photographer: Sophie Mutevelian

Beautiful – Visually and Musically

I watched the episode recently as i adored the changes to the show.  I am a fan of the changes. The visuals look cleaner, more professional and more cinematic that seem so much better to enjoy and watch upon the screen.  Director Jamie Childs creates a broader, more expansive look to the filming, and the show definitely shines with Sheffield as a backdrop its quite wonderful to watch upon the screen.  I am looking forward to seeing how he handles the South African landscape in next week’s The Ghost Monument.

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Doctor who: woman that fell to earth is simply a wonderful episode that setups everything we need to know for the new era of doctor who. There were four new companions (yes I’m counting Grace) that needed to be introduced and fully realized as well as a new Doctor, her new costume and a new sonic as she begins as the doctor. ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’ does a great job with wonderful acting by everyone in its cast that you should watch instantly. It’s simply an amazing story from start to finish of the episode.

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Halloween classics reviews:son of Frankenstein

Halloween classics reviews:son of Frankenstein


Today I talk about the son of Frankenstein. Universal studios struck gold not once but twice with the Frankenstein movie series but the third one would be a big sea change for them without James wale to helm it this time they would have find a new direction or way for the series. Horror had been out of fashion a couple of years by time son of released they had a couple of re-releases of old horror movies gave them chance to bring back the lab again. It would be unlike the past two movies as set decades later in a story that would be later copied upon and mocked with Young Frankenstein (1974) that gene wilder comedy classic everyone adores it mocked the first three movies in the series as I adore both movies so much. I will say I am a big fan of universal horror movies.


I will talk about life and death this month in horror classics month. You feel not nerve to go forward and read the horror classic reviews. I warned you about it.

In 1939 we had a year of the greatest movies of all time coming out that year as I would cite it’s among the best years for movies ever in history of cinema. I will begin my review of son Frankenstein now. I hope you enjoy my review.


Son of Frankenstein review

Baron Wolf von Frankenstein (Basil Rathbone) is determined to prove the legitimacy of his father’s scientific work, thus rescuing the family name from disgrace. With the help of Ygor (Bela Lugosi), a grave robber, Wolf successfully reanimates the monster (Boris Karloff) his father originally brought back from the dead. But when several villagers are killed mysteriously, Wolf must find the culprit in order to vindicate his creation, or face the possibility that he may be responsible.(plot off goggle)

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Son of Frankenstein has many changes from the past two movies in the series. if you can get over the changes between this movie and Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein you will adore this movie. 

Boris Karloff by this point has the Monster down pat as he gives us such a wonderful performance as the monster as he perfectly is balancing childlike innocence with the volcanic and violent temper that really channels everything you adore about him playing the role. Boris Karloff as the monster which is heartbreaking when he sees self in mirror again as he is ugly compared to his young creator. Boris Karloff gives out a marvelous performance in his role.

Bela Lugosi plays the foul Ygor whom is the villain of this movie brought to life magnificently by the great Bela Lugosi whom gives out such a marvelous performance as layered in hair and makeup that is , he’s twitching, slippery wretch of a man who uses the Monster to murder people on the jury for his own personal means and goals to get out of justice but Lugosi plays it in such a way that you feel he has a genuine affection for the creature yet he doesn’t at all. It’s simply amazing to watch this man play the role as he gets such wonderful  dialogue too and relishes every word, drawing out a magnificently repugnant character from what is not a huge amount of screen time.

Basil Rathbone gives out a marvelous performance as the son of Frankenstein’s wolf whom is out to reclaim his father’s honor and name. Wolf slowly turns to a haunted man who is over his head with the monster and ygor as they are out of control. Basil Bathbone is perfectly cast as wolf. Basil Rathbone gives out a marvelous performance in the role.

Lionel Atwill’s policeman doesn’t face a huge amount to do on-screen but gives out such a good performance upon the screen.  Lionel Atwill’s policeman wears a false arm thing which is a marvelous idea that is a reminder of the destructive power of the Monster. He offers a nice counterbalance with the equally bit differently disabled Ygor whom is consumed by bitterness. Lionel Atwill  is particularly great here as the traumatized child who’s all grown up to face against the monster as it shows in his performance how his trauma still effects him as an adult. Lionel Atwill is always such wonderful character actor that always gives out such good performances upon the screen. He gives out such a marvelous performance.

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Son of Frankenstein takes the series in a more traditional direction of horror that was already cliché by 1939 that is such a fun horror classic to watch anytime when it is upon your screen.

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Thanks for joining me for my frist review of Halloween classics for this month as i will do a new review soon as next week sometime so lets begin the month of horror now.