doctor who:the hammer era

Today I talk about doctor who today which as I am a huge whovian that loves many things doctor who. The Gothic horror era of doctor who that was the fourth doctor’s aka tom baker’s classic stories are what I talk about today as I talk about the wonderful tom baker doctor who era of doctor who today. Let’s begin our adventure in time and space now.

doctor who:the hammer era(

When Philip Hinchcliffe was producer, Tom Baker played the Doctor with an aura of gleeful, natural eccentricity, giving way to bursts of morose introspection and bouts of unsettling behavior as also a trait of that era of tom baker was the Gothic classic doctor who stories.

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Doctor who: pyramid of Mars is one of the top Doctor who stories of all time in many ways it’s the classic story of the doctor. Pyramids of Mars is a classic slice of doctor who with all the right ingredients that makes this story one of a kind that is likely one of the best of the Philip Hinchcliffe era of doctor who. Tom Baker is giving out one amazing performance as the doctor. Sarah Jane gives out one amazing performance in her role as she is the doctor who companions all adore forever. Pyramids of Mars is the perfect storm of story-telling with classic hammer horror elements that make this era something truly special as it’s so enjoyable to watch unfold on the screen.

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Pyramids of Mars continues the Hinchcliffe trend of tapping into a particular vein of horror and dropping the Doctor into a familiarly creepy plot that is a trait of this era of doctor who. Pyramids of Mars builds on the fascination with Egyptology. The pyramids had obviously been a pop culture fixation since the explorers first opened the tombs. It is how we ended up with many of the classic horror movies such as the mummy and hammer’s the mummy among other classic mummy horror movies. Pyramids of Mars gets a nice direct link to Hammer in Bernard Archer, playing Marcus Scarman, who appeared in The Horror of Frankenstein another hammer classic which i would say inspired another classic story of this era of doctor who. Its a very fun Gothic horror classic doctor who story with such wonderful acting that really you will enjoy to watch.

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Doctor who: Pyramids of Mars is a great serial that I feel manages to capture all of the best traits of this era of doctor who as its one you should watch today.

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Doctor Who: The Brain of Morbius review

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The Brain of Morbius continues the trend of phenomenally strong episodes in Baker’s sophomore season of the show. Producer Philip Hinchcliffe continues his gothic adventures that are so inspired by Gothic horror and classic horror movies such as hammer horror.

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The Brain of Morbius channels the horrors of Frankenstein not the book but the classic universal horror movies in which a mad scientist in Solon; a grotesque medical experiment to construct a body from “spare parts. Hinchcliffe did not have a large budget to work with on this serial yet it’s so good looking and wonderful looking anyway as it looks like a horror movie set on the screen which makes them seem so much better upon the screen. The serial has such wonderful production design that really evokes a creepy classic horror movie feel to its world.

The serial’s superb production design, I even like the brain in the jar it reminds me a lot of Star Trek but with more sinister undertones that makes you really feel chills as you watch it. the collaborative script and Baker’s performance as the doctor really shines here as baker’s wit is under control but still playing the clown but he plays it softly in this tale as he gives out one of his finer performances as also so does Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane whom gives out a fine performance as Sarah Jane.

The Brain of Morbius works because it’s just a very well put together example of Gothic horror that captures all the classical elements that makes that horror shine in every way.  It’s easy to see why this era of the series is treated so fondly. It’s just really good tea-time telly as it’s such a good serial to watch unfold on the screen.

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The Seeds of Doom is one of several six-part series finales that the Tom Baker era that was later with Invasion of Time and The Armageddon Factor as both of later two are not as good as this one to my eyes.  The entire plot has more than a slight resemblance to Invasion of the Body Snatchers with plant spores in place of aliens taking over bodies as its alien plant over taking over bodies as same plot as that classic movie.

The two-part prologue set in the Arctic tundra calls to mind the classic science-fiction B-movie The Thing from another World with a polar research crew unearthing a potentially deadly alien entombed in ice. It works so well that it actually got me thinking of The Thing, John Carpenter’s celebrated remake.

The story feels like it owes a fairly heavy debt to The Avengers, or even James Bond, thanks in no small part to a wonderful villainous performance from Tony Beckley as he gives out one fine performance. His obsessive fascination with plants recalls the insane Hugo Drax from Roger Moore’s Moonraker as in many villains he is met by end by the very thing he loves in the end. Chase and Scorby are by no means the only humans ever to antagonize the Doctor. The series has had the character face off against very human villains with some regularity over the years. However, Chase and Scorby stand out as perhaps the most effective human bad guys since the Patrick Troughton era of doctor who.

It’s interesting that the serial features the Doctor subcontracting to UNIT once again. This would represent the last appearance of the group in the series until a brief appearance in The Five Doctors,one of the defining attributes of Baker’s Doctor was the way he seemed to literally flee the group as he barely ever helped unit. 

The special effects are pretty impressive. Yes, the wandering Krynoid in its early stages is very clearly just a guy in a silly suit but many of the effects look amazing such as nitial pod special effects look great, as do the initial stages of transformation as they all are some of best of the classic era of doctor who. Tom baker gives out one fine performance in this serial as does Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane whom gives out a fine performance as Sarah Jane.

The Seeds of Doom works so very well is because it captures a lot of different aspects of the show demonstrating that while gothic horror was a strong part of the Hinchcliffe era as it does capture many other classic doctor who  traits that make this serial truly shine with wonderful acting and some wonderful effects. You should watch this classic serial today.

Elisabeth Sladen as sarah jane always remains one of the finest compaions of doctor who.She was the doctor’s best friend as she always gave out her best roles in doctor who stories upon the screen. It will always be the doctor and Sarah Jane. We will never forget her as its always the doctor and Sarah Jane. I hope you enjoyed my talk on doctor who today.

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Flash Gordon

Today I talk about Flash Gordon for the Outer Space on Film blogathon today. I am paying tribute to Flash Gordon which is one of my favorite serials all time to watch and re-watch often as its inspired many movies including star wars. I really adore classic Science Fiction serials and classic movies of that genre that all shine so brightly on the screen.

I hope you enjoy this tribute to flash Gordon for the Flash Gordon for the Outer Space on Film blogathon as always do check out other posts form the event today. Let’s begin our adventure into space now.

Flash Gordon serials introduction talk 

Flash Gordon is often called one of the cheesiest shows all time by so many people that often dismiss the amazing levels of depth beyond this series. It is cheesy at times the series but the series is embracing pulp Science Fiction tales that shaped the genre of Science Fiction. Flash Gordon serials were based upon the Flash Gordon comic strip which was created to compete with the already established Buck Rogers adventure strip which happens to be another serial that inspired star wars. Flash Gordon is directly inspired by John Carter of Mars which was what they wanted originally to make the strip based upon but ended up with Flash Gordon. The Flash Gordon comic strip has been translated into a wide variety of media, including motion pictures, television and animated series as today I am talking about the serials it’s such a joy to talk the classic serial flash gordon today.

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Flash Gordon serials review

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Flash Gordon begins with the strange planet Mongo hurtling towards Earth on a collision course. People across the world, from London to darkest Africa, are panicking as their seemingly certain doom draws near. One of the doomed Earthlings, polo player and all-around athlete Flash Gordon as it begins its story(plot intro form web)

Flash Gordon is probably the most popular and certainly the best known of all movie serials all time. Flash Gordon has wonderful sets and performances and creatures and unabashedly emotional moments to make it one of the most enduring serials of all time.

The cinematography of Flash Gordon further augments the serial’s atmosphere with some strikingly stylish camera angles that capture the action as one example is  flash’s fight with the “monkey-men” in the first chapter. The cinematography of this serial really captures such marvelous moments of action upon the screen.  I would say some moments it captures is so much fun to watch unfold on the screen and wonderfully captured on the screen by Frederick Stephani whom crafted out remarkable moments upon the screen.

One should not forget that The director Stephani and the more experienced Basil Dickey, George Plympton, and Ella O’Neill all really deserves credit for the wonderful things in the serials dialogue. Its cheesy at times some of the lines for our time today but you can always enjoy them if taking in context of time period.

Many serials divide the villainy between a brain and villains and action heavy it features a heroic team that one could say the main hero that does most of the action of the series which i feel unfolds upon the screen with such marvelous action upon the screen.

Jean Rogers’ Dale Arden is a pleasure to watch; her stunning beauty has never been seen to better advantage as her acting is also excellent, particularly in her reactions to the bizarre terrors of Mongo; critics have always seemed compelled to make silly comments about her propensity to scream and faint in times of danger or emotional stress but she is marvelous to watch upon the screen. Priscilla Lawson is also very good as Ming’s daughter that gives out such a marvelous job upon the screen. Richard Alexander has one of the most unusual roles of his career as Prince Barin, the rightful heir to the throne of Mongo who allies with Flash against the usurping Ming handles his archetype so well. He is simply marvelous in his performances on the screen. I would say its acting is Flash Gordon’s strongest suit along with its action and other wonderful elements to make this classic serial really come to life upon the screen.

Flash Gordon represents a near-perfect convergence of superior production values, imaginative scripting, and strong acting make this serial one truly classic serial series that one should see today.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

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I would love to express my great joy today that I got to talk about Flash Gordon today. I am happy I got to talk about these marvelous serial classics. I felt such joy to talk this serial classic today for the Outer Space on Film blogathon.  I would love to thank everyone i hope you return next time for another magical review soon.

the time machine

the time machine(

So today I talk about the time machine. The time machine is directed by George Pal who directed some of my favorite movies all time. I loved stories of adventure and fantasy as a boy. George Pal movies are prime examples of this kind of story that I adored so much as a boy. The Time Machine may one of the greatest Science Fiction movies ever made for the screen. I review this classic movie now for my blog.

the time machine review

George Pal brought to fruition a visionary concept for a film based on a the time machine which was written by H.G. Wells years before. Rod Taylor passed away just four days shy of his 85th birthday with close to 60 films credits, his last performance was as Winston Churchill in Inglorious Bustards. He began with the movies the birds directed by Hitchcock. This movie may be Rod Taylor’s finest hour on the screen. The story is brilliantly told on screen with such wonderful special effects. Director George Pal crafted out an amazing classic that will delight you anytime to watch unfold on the screen. The Morlocks aren’t really evil as they are products of their age and time period that are truly scary to watch on the screen.

The Time Machine has such wonderful creature designs. It has the best creature designs of that era of films. We always ask one another if we would go back or forth in time if having the option giving in the time machine but we would likely not really want to risk the trouble as we know the effects can be worst then we think to travel back in time. The time machine as this is a great adaptation of the excellent novel. George Pal has shown us that it is wonderful characters and story that makes a movie magical to watch unfold on the screen. Nicholas Meyers achieved the same type of success years later with the film Time After Time with a time travel movie that is done with same effect as this wonderful classic you should see today.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

I hope you enjoyed my talk about the time machine  today which frankly is one amazing classic gem that i simply adored to talk about today.see you next time for another classic review soon.