The Ruth rating.


Five Bette Davis’s in a row will go to the best of the best of movies. It will go to movies i flat out loved greatly. I would be willing to buy or see it many times over.

five bette's

Four Bette Davis’s in a row will go to movies that i felt was very good as close to perfect you can get but not perfect at all. I can understand why some do not like it or feel it’s not perfect at all. It’s a good movie in every sense still. They are films I love still yet i have noticed its flaws.

four bette's

Three Bette Davis’s in a row will go to movies that i liked yet i am not very fond of it or have not really as high a love for this classic its something very known to me in many ways. I would watch it likely for fun.

three bette's

A film gets two Bette’s Davis’s in a row. Its goes to movies i felt was bad or subpar in some way. I wasted my time watching this movie. I am not likely watch it again period. It’s a bad movie but still has some good points in this classic movie.

two bette's

A lone Bette Davis is given to a film so bad that i feel its not really worthy of praise in any way at all. I feel very drained personally form watching this movie. Its not a good movie at all.

one bette's